Ni’lin resists the Wall under heavy rain
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Ni’lin resists the Wall under heavy rain

***image1***The heavy rain which fell in the West Bank did not prevent the people of Ni’lin village from protesting against the Apartheid Wall. After holding prayers in one of the mosques in the village, demonstrators took to the streets, inviting others to participate and condemning the colonial polices of the Occupation government.

This week, people marched under the slogan of the “Black Wall” in order to draw attention to the destructive effects the Wall is having across Palestine. They had brought along a huge number of the car tires and after reaching the isolated land youth piled the tires along its base and lit the fires. The heat from the flames not only blackened, but cracked and split the concrete slabs, prompting the military to respond with tear gas. A number of people suffered breathing difficulties and were treated by the Red Crescent.

Clashes started between stones throwers and soldiers, who continued to fire tear gas and spray water towards the protesters to prevent them from reaching the Wall. Youth hurled glass bottles with red paint to send a message to the Occupation that “this is the real color of your jeeps and forces”.

Ibrahim Ameera of Ni’lin Popular Committee stated that “the grassroots struggle is the only way for getting our freedom back, and Ni’lin village is one of these examples. We will continue the struggle and find innovative ways to make the Wall fall down.”


Report and photos Ahmad Mesleh – Ni’lin Youth Center