Calendar of collective olive harvest initiatives
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Calendar of collective olive harvest initiatives

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and its popular committees are coordinating collective efforts to safeguard the annual olive harvest.

The harvesting of the olives is becoming more difficult every year as farmers face an intensification of settler attacks, as well as the confiscation, isolation and destruction of their lands, and continued closure and permit restrictions. All of which have led to the strangulation of Palestinian communities across the West Bank. Local farmers have refused to be forced off their land, and continue the harvest each year in the face violence and repression from both soldiers and settlers.

See below the dates and locations of the collective olive harvest efforts:

Jerusalem district

Village: Isawiya
Date: 26-10-2010

Village: Beit Anan
Date: 16-10-2010

Village: Beit Sorik (close to Ha-Radar Settlement)
Date: 24-10-2010

Bethlehem district

Village: Al-Walaja
Date: 15-10-2010

Village: Jib Al-Theeb Valley
Date: 22-10-2010

Salfit district

Village: Mas’ha
Date: 18-10-2010

Village: Al-Zawyeh
Date: 21-10-2010

Qalqiliya district

Village: Farta’a
Date: 10/10/2010

Nablus district

Villages: Burin, Ma’duma & Asira Al-Qibliya
Date: 23-10-2010

Tulkarem district

Village: Ramin
Date: 13-10-2010

Jenin district

Village: Torah Al-Gharbiya
Date: 25-10-2010

Village: A’nin
Date: 30-10-2010

Ramallah district

Village: Abood
Date: 16-10-2010

Hebron district

Village: Yata

Jordan Valley & Tubas district

Village: Al-Aqaba
Date: 23-10-2010