Protest Invitation to Show Solidarity with French BDS Activists
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Protest Invitation to Show Solidarity with French BDS Activists

Show Solidarity with French BDS activists
Thursday 14 October – 12 noon to 1pm
French Consulate in Edinburgh – 11 Randolph Crescent
(map here)

Palestine solidarity activists in France are being prosecuted for boycotting Israel.

The French government has asked all French judges to condemn boycott actions against Israel and, encouraged by this, French Zionist associations are suing for boycott activists to be charged with “incitement to racial hatred”.

The next court case involves a member of the French Senate (Alima Boumediene-Thiery) on Thursday 14 of October.

This is clearly an attempt to stop the successful Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, called by Palestinian civil society against Israel’s breaches of international and human rights law. This attack aims to silence activists and stifle what has become very effective solidarity with the Palestinian people.

As pointed out by Sheriff Scott in the case of the SPSC 5 in April, to prevent such boycott activity and criticism of Israel is a clear infringement of freedom of expression.

Given that Israel deserves to be criticised and Palestinians deserve continued solidarity, it is important that the French government’s show trials fail in the same way that the Scottish one did.

Defend freedom of expression and the ability to provide effective solidarity with the Palestinians. Come to the French Consulate on Thursday at 12noon. If you have a green Boycott Israel T-shirt, please wear it.

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