Weekly Repression Update 15-22 November 2010
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Weekly Repression Update 15-22 November 2010


Stop the Wall

Repression Update


Period: Monday 15 November to Monday 22 November 2010




1)     Arrests of HRDs and Minors

A number of human rights defenders, particularly in Hebron, were arrested by the Israeli Occupation Forces. Harassment and arrest of family members of the martyr Samer Sarhan continued in order to intimidate and silence the family and their efforts to seek justice for the death of Sarhan.


2)     Violence against HRDs

Hebron was the scene of severe repression of those taking part in the weekly protest, resulting in several injuries from tear gas and sound bombs. In Nablus a young farmer was severely beaten and humiliated by IOF soldiers as he tried to access his agricultural lands beyond the Wall.


3)     Collective punishment



1) Arrests of HRDs and Minors

New arrests



Place: Hebron

Date of arrests: Monday 15 November

Names: Suhaib Abdul Mun’em Ad-Deweik, 21, Ashraf Al-Hashlamon, and Hamza Aj-Ja’bary

Circumstances: The three were detained by Israeli Occupation Forces during a series of searches of homes of homes and mosques in Hebron


Place: Hebron

Date of arrests: Thursday 18 November

Names: Naser Muhammad Ahmad An-Nawaj’a

Circumstances: Palestinian peace activist and native of the Southern West Bank town of Yatta, Naser was detained near the Suseya settlement whilst giving a tour to international and Israeli visitors who wanted to protest against continued settlement expansion and access restrictions facing Palestinians. They were dispersed by force when Israeli military vehicles arrived on the scene.


Place: Silwan (Jerusalem)

Date of arrests: Friday 19 November  

Names: Ali Sarhan, his wife (unnamed) and nephew Sultan Halisi

Circumstances: The wife of Ali Sarhan, brother of martyr Samer Sarhan, was released from Israeli custody yesterday after questioning, during which authorities probed her for information regarding her husband. Ali Sarhan and his wife, along with his nephew Sultan Halisi, the son of the martyr’s sister, were arrested earlier that morning by Israeli forces. Later in the day, Israeli troops returned to Ali’s home with a canine unit and searched the premises.

Meanwhile, Ali Sarhan’s hearing was converted from public to private, and ultimately extended Ali’s detention by ten days without offering a reason, on the pretext that his file was secret. Sultan Halisi, Ali’s nephew, also received a private hearing in the Magistrate’s Court and a ten-day extension of his detention. The charges against the two men are unknown, as the hearings were closed to the public.


Ali’s brother Jihad Sarhan, 44, is currently still detained in Israeli prison, along with Ahmed Abbasi, 26, and Ibrahim Abdel-Haq, 28, on charges related to the clashes that took place after Samer Sarhan’s murder.


Place: Beit Ummar

Date of arrests: Saturday 20 November

Names: 5 international activists (names unknown) and three Palestinian minors Mohammad Fakhri (14 years old), Anwar Imad Bader and Hamza Ghaleb el Buti

Circumstances: the 8 were arrested and beaten during the weekly demonstration


Place: Silwan, Jerusalem

Date of arrests: Sunday 21 November

Names: Muhammad An-Natsheh, 27

Circumstances: Muhammad was arrested on the street outside his house for violating the terms of his house arrest


Place: Hebron

Date of arrests: Monday 22 November

Names: Maher Ahmad Issa al Imlah and 10 others (unnamed)

Circumstances: Maher, member of the grassroots committee in Hebron, was arrested when IOF soldiers raided Beit Ula village and arrested more than 10 people 



Place: Nablus

Date: Sunday 21 November

Names: Wa’el Sabea al Faqeh

Circumstances: After more than one year in prison,

the coordinator of the local popular committee was released. He was arrested with his colleagues whilst protesting against lands and burned and taken by settlers around Nablus district



Past court hearings: No information available

 Upcoming court hearings: No information available



No information available



2) Violence against HRDs and Minors


No information available

Injuries with live rounds

No information available

Other serious injuries


Name: Hosam Abu Allan (photo-journalist), Fida’a Naser (Palestine TV reporter), Khalil Abu Hashem and minor Shatha Abu Hashem

Place: Beit Ummar

Date of injury: Saturday 20 November

Circumstances: The two journalists were seriously suffocated by tear gas bombs whilst the father and child were injured with fragments of sound bombs during the weekly protest  



Name: Mu'taz Ribhi Abu Nab'a, 22

Place: Salfit

Date of injury: Friday 19 November

Circumstances: IOF soldiers beat Mu’taz as he attempted to cross the gate at the Separation Wall to access his agricultural land.  He was beaten, strip-searched and hand-cuffed before being transferred to a military base.


Abu Nab'a further said that female soldiers humiliated him and took photos with him.
When he asked an Israeli officer why he was being beaten and humiliated, the young farmer said, he was told "Because you deliberately disturbed us and made us go to the gate early in the morning." Abu Nab'a said the officer in charge then accused him of attempting to break down part of the barrier. The farmer said he denied the charge and informed the soldier that he knew there were monitoring cameras which would have documented him.

He also told the soldier he had a permit issued by Israeli authorities giving him permission to access his land.

According to Abu Nab'a, soldiers ultimately freed him in Hebron, more than 60 kilometers south of his home town, but only after he was served with a summons ordering him to go the Israeli intelligence office in Tulkarem on Monday for further interrogation 

3) Collective Punishment

Damage of property

 No information available


 No information available


 No information available


 No information available