Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update
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Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update

Ni’lin: Several cases of fainting as a result of asphyxiation from tear gas during the weekly demonstration

On Friday, the residents of Ni’lin launched their weekly demonstration after praying under village olive trees, marking their continued refusal to abandon their land.

Demonstrators set off towards the Wall accompanied by a number of solidarity activists raising Palestinian flags and banners saluting the martyrs, the prisoners and the injured. Calling for national unification and resistance to the Occupation they approached the gate in the Wall, where Occupation forces met them with tear gas and sound grenades. This led to the fives cases of fainting, and demonstrators responded by hurling stones at soldiers. Confrontations continued for an hour, until soldiers came through the gate and pursued residents toward the village. Undercover forces attempted to arrest demonstrators, but failed to do so.

An Nabi Saleh: Demonstrator sustains head injury, several cases of asphyxiation as home raids continue

One demonstrator was injured in the head and several more suffered from tear gas inhalation during the weekly demonstration opposing the Wall and settlements in an Nabi Saleh.

Even though Occupation forces closed all entrances to the villages, demonstrators from Nabi Saleh and neighboring villages, along with solidarity activists, marched after Friday prayers.

More than a dozen military vehicles were stationed at the entrance of the village, and when the marchers arrived Occupation forces open fire with rubber bullets, gas and sound bombs. One young man (24 years of age) from the neighboring village of Kufr ‘Ayn was rushed to Ramllah hospital for treatment after he was hit in the head from behind by a sound bomb.

Occupation forces also raided the home of Kamel Saleh, remaining for an hour before leaving.

Confrontations continued throughout the afternoon.

Bil’in: Dozens tear gassed at the weekly demonstration

Dozens of demonstrators suffered from tear gas inhalation as they marched in defiance of the Wall and settlements in the village of Bil’in.

Accompanied by international activists, the residents of Bil’in approached the Wall carrying Palestinian flags and photos of the imprisoned activist Abdallh Abu Rahmah, a coordinator of the Bil’in popular committee. Some condemned the policies of the Occupation government and its treatment of Palestinian prisoners, while others chanted against the ongoing Israeli assaults in Jerusalem and the targeting of the popular resistance, calling for freedom for Palestinian prisoners.

Soldiers stationed behind concrete slabs and along the length of the Wall waited for protestors to approach the isolated land of the village. When demonstrators tried to cross the Wall, soldiers responded with rubber-coated metal bullets and gas.

Al Ma’sara: International activist arrested, demonstrators tear-gassed

The people of al Ma’sara set out this holiday season in protest of the Wall. Instead of celebration, the people of Bethlehem continue to resist the Wall and settlements, reminding the world of Occupation policies that are slowly destroying Bethlehem.

Marching from the local school, protestors raised flags high and called for end to Palestinian suffering and continued resistance against the Wall. And as is normally the case, soldiers met the demonstrators, blocking them from reaching their land and firing sound and tear gas to force them back.

Mahmoud ‘Ala al Din, a member of the popular committee in the village, spoke to the demonstration and called for the people to continue to resist and challenge Occupation policies. He also affirmed the importance of international solidarity, which is key in building support for the Palestinian struggle on the global level.