Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update
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Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update

Bil’in: Occupation forces kill protestor in weekly march

The heavy use of tear gas used to suppress the protest in Bil’in this week resulted in the death of 34-year-old Jawahar Abu Rahmah and the injury of several others.

A massive demonstration was planed to mark the launch of the Palestinian revolution, and in response Occupation forces closed the entrances to Bil’in in the morning. However, many people walked through the hills and fields surrounding the village to bypass soldiers, and when the march began hundreds set off toward the Wall.

The number of soldiers stationed at the Wall was much higher than normal, and they rained tear gas on the demonstrators, who nevertheless managed to tear pieces of fence down. Three people were hit and injured by tear gas canisters, and one person who was struck in the face was transported to a Ramallah hospital for treatment. Soldiers also arrested in an international journalist during the protest.

Dozens of participants also suffered breathing problems from the clouds of gas that enveloped the demonstration. The massive amount of gas also caused the death of Jawahar Abu Rahmah, who fainted from inhalation and was rushed to a Ramallah hospital. She remained overnight but did not respond to treatment, dying on Saturday morning from respiratory failure.

Al Nabi Saleh: Occupation forces close village, fire on medics

The people of al Nabi Saleh marched against the settlements on Friday, marking the launch of the Palestinian revolution and dedicating their protest to the Palestinian prisoners held in the Israeli jail of Ofer. The village, located north of Ramallah, is struggling against the nearby settlement of Halamesh in a fight to hold on to its land and resources.

An eyewitness Occupation forces fired barrage after barrage of tear gas at protestors. One canister injured a young boy after striking him in the foot and soldiers beat another young man.

Soldiers also fired on medics treating those affected by tear gas, hitting one medic in the shoulder with a tear gas bomb.

During the course of the demonstration, soldiers fired rounds into the home of an elderly man. The canisters set fire to a part of the home and filled the rooms with gas, seriously affecting the inhabitants.

Occupation forces closed the village of al Nabi Saleh on Friday, preventing solidarity activists and press from entering the village to cover the demonstration.

Al Ma’sara: Demonstrators tear gassed, mark the anniversary of the Fateh movement

Dozens of protestors were affected by tear gas Friday during the weekly march in the village of al Ma’sara, marking the anniversary of the launch of the Fateh movement, as well as death of Saddam Hussein and the second anniversary of the war on Gaza.

Nearly 150 protestors marched toward the Wall, shouting slogans in support of revolution and resistance. Villagers were joined by a delegation from the Arab Liberation Front and carried Palestinian flags and pictures of Saddam as they moved toward the Wall. Upon their arrival they were confronted by Occupation soldiers who shoved them back and fired tear and sound bombs.

Members of the Arab Liberation Front as well as the village popular committee gave speeches about the launch of Fateh, remembering the sacrifices the movement has made for the sake of the Palestinian cause. They also spoke about the support Hussein offered to Palestine, and called on Arab states to break their silence and support the people of Gaza.

Ni’lin: Protestors face gas, skunk water during weekly march

Dozens of protestors marched against the Wall this week in Ni’lin following the Friday prayers, where they tried to open the gate in the Wall. Occupation soldiers fired sound and gas bombs, in addition to using foul-smelling “skunk water” on them.

According to Ahad Khawajeh, the coordinator of the popular committee in Ni’lin, clashes between demonstrators and Occupation forces continued for nearly three hours. Soldiers later opened the gate and attempted to ambush and arrest demonstrators, but failed to do so.