Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – January 21
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Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – January 21

Al Ma’sara: International activist arrested at weekly demonstration

The weekly demonstration opposing the Wall and settlements set off from the center of the village toward and headed toward its entrance. Those present marched in solidarity with ‘Adnan Gaith, who was exiled from Silwan for his activities with the popular committee resisting the Judiazation of the neighborhood, where the Occupation municipality is supporting Jewish settlement and forcing Palestinian residents from their homes. Protesters also expressed solidarity with the members of the Jerusalem Legislative Council, whom have also been exiled from Jerusalem.

Residents headed toward the Wall accompanied by several international activists with the aim of reaching their isolated lands. However, Occupation forces barred them from doing so, blocking the road and linking arms to ensure demonstrators could not pass. Soldiers also arrested on international activist, taking off to an unknown location.

Several activists spoke at the demonstration, expressing Palestinians rootedness to Jerusalem and refusal to relinquish control of it in the face of the Occupation’s attempts to support Jewish settlement and displace the Palestinians of the city. They also stressed the importance of popular resistance against the Occupation settlement project, and demanded that the international community take up its responsibility to protect the Palestinian people from Israeli state terrorism.

Ni’lin: Dozens of cases of tear gas inhalation during weekly demonstration

Dozens of demonstrators were affected after inhaling tear gas at the weekly demonstration in Ni’lin against the Wall, which began after Friday prayers in the village.

Participants in the march carried Palestinian flags and shouted slogans as they approached the gate in the concrete slabs that cut across their land, with the intention of reaching the isolated area. However, soldiers stationed behind the Wall rained tear gas on protestors, who responded with stones, sparking clashes that continued for several hours.

Finally, Occupation forces opened the gates and pursued youth toward the edges of the village, but did not succeed in catching anyone.

Bil’in: Many seriously affected by tear gas during weekly march

Dozens of people were choked by tear gas during the weekly march in Bil’in against the Wall, held in solidarity with the Israeli activists Jonathon Pollack, who was recently sentenced to three months in jail, ostensibly for participating in a demonstration against the siege of Gaza.

Heading towards the Wall, demonstrators carried pictures of the two martyrs, Basem and Jawaher Abu Rahmah, as well as Palestinian flags and other posters of Abdallah Abu Rahmah, recently sentenced to more than a year in prison for his role in organizing protests against the Apartheid Wall.

During the march, protestors shouted slogans for unity and decried the current Palestinian divisions. They praised the resistance, in particular in Jerusalem, and condemned the Occupation’s policies of exiling political activists.

Reaching the Wall, demonstrators confronted soldiers, who were waiting along the path of the Wall as well as behind concrete blocks. Using tear gas, rubber-coated metal bullets, and chemical water spray, Occupation forces attacked the march, forcing it away from the lands isolated beyond the Wall.

Regarding the death of Jawaher Abu Rahmah, the Bil’in Popular Committee stated that the responsibly for her death lies with the Occupation army, as a direct result of the massive quantity of tear gas inhalation fired by soldiers during the demonstration on December 31, 2010. The committee condemned the “reports” issued by the Occupation military, which contain the assertions that Jawaher was dead before being moved to the hospital and that she was suffering from a terminal disease. Both claims were disproved by medical reports and eyewitness accounts, and amount to little more than attempts to deflect responsibility and avoid embarrassment for the killing of another protestor in Bil’in in cold blood.

The popular committee also called on local and international legal, social and health organizations to undertake medical and psychological studies in an effort to document the effects of tear gas, chemically treated water and other weapons used against the people of Bil’in over the past six years. They stressed that the Occupation state must be held accountable in international forums for its use of dangerous and possibly internationally prohibited weapons against demonstrators in Bil’in.

Al Nabi Saleh: One arrested, several lose consciousness as a result of tear gas inhalation

The weekly demonstration against the Wall and settlements in al Nabi Saleh began after residents held Friday prayers on the land that Occupation forces are threatening to confiscate. Despite the threats of soldiers, the people of the village prayed on their land and vowed to continue the popular resistance.

Soldiers wasted no time attacking demonstrators, employing massive amounts of tear gas that led to several people losing consciousness as well as rubber bullets and pepper spray, which they sprayed in the faces of protestors.

Occupation forces also continued to arrest village youth, and on Friday captured Adi Abdulhafith Tamimi (20), beating him before taking him to an unknown location. Soldiers also raided the house of Abdalwahab Tamimi and attempted to arrest his son Mahdi, who was laying sick at home. However, his parents and a number of women attacked the soldiers, forcing them out of the house.

As has been the case in the weeks prior, Occupation forces sealed the village before and during the demonstration by closing the metal gates recently installed at the entrances of the village. Eyewitnesses stated that a fire was started in home that has targeted by tear gas, and also reported that three residents suffered breaks in their legs and feet after being shot with rubber rounds or gas canisters.