mega888 Demolition orders in Khirbet al Tawil
Demolition orders in Khirbet al Tawil
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Demolition orders in Khirbet al Tawil

A week ago, Occupation forces delivered final warnings to four farmers from Khirbet al Tawil, east of Aqraba, for the destruction of their homes. The buildings, constructed from mud, have received seven consecutive demolition orders.

The homes shelter some 35 persons, all of whom work in farming and raising livestock. In total, there are 18 families in the area whose primarily source of income is based on agriculture or livestock.

Occupation forces delivered the notices in the afternoon, which gave residents 24 hours to evacuate their homes. Yusif Diriya, a member of the Stop the Campaign in the ‘Aqraba area, east of Nablus, explained that in the past Occupation forces have warned residents and then undertaken demolition during the night, following the issuing of the final warnings. Residents expect their homes to be destroyed, and are appealing to government and human rights organizations for support.