Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – February 4
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Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – February 4

Al Ma’sara: Occupation forces repress weekly demonstration in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution

Marching for the victory of the Egyptian revolution, protestors from al Ma’sara set out from the village school calling for freedom for Palestine and in solidarity with the youth of the popular Egyptian revolution.

Protestors made their way through the streets carrying Palestinian and Egyptian flags and chanting slogans for the victory of the revolution. When they arrived at the entrance of the village soldiers blocked them from moving further.

Mohammed Brajiya, the media spokesman for the Bethlehem popular committee, affirmed Palestinian solidarity with the Egyptian revolution, describing it as a revolution for all Arabs, who must answer the just, legitimate demands of the Egyptians calling the Arab Nation to revolt against oppression and tyranny and to end normalization with the Occupation state.

Wad Rahal: 15 demonstrators suffer from tear gas inhalation; international solidarity activists arrested.

After several months without weekly demonstrations, the Stop the Wall Campaign organized a protest in Wad Rahal, south of Bethlehem, which began on Friday from the center of the village, heading toward lands confiscated by the Wall and the Efrata settlement.

Protestors carried both Palestinian and Egyptian flags, shouting slogans in support of the popular resistance and the Egyptian struggle.

Demonstrators succeeded in reaching their isolated land, reaching the gate to the Efrata settlement before being attacked by Occupation forces. A large number of soldiers beat demonstrators and fired tear gas toward them, leading to 15 cases of serious tear gas inhalation. Soldiers also arrested an international solidarity activist, dragging him off to an unknown location.

The coordinator of Stop the Wall in Wad Rashal stressed that that Palestinians stand in solidarity with the Egyptian people and saluted the steadfastness of the demonstrators in Egypt, affirming that Palestinians will remain steadfast on their land and resist the Occupation.

Ni’lin: Occupation forces repress weekly demonstration, several cases of tear gas inhalation

The weekly demonstration in Ni’lin was held in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution, and protestors waved Palestinian and Egyptian flags as they approached the Wall.

As marchers attempted to reach their isolated lands, soldiers opened fire with tear gas. Protestors responded with stones, and clashes continued for several hours and resulted in several cases of tear gas inhalation.

Al Nabi Saleh: Three international activists arrested, two homes raided during weekly demonstration

Occupation forces used live ammunition, along with tear gas and rubber bullets, in their attempts to crack down on the weekly demonstration in al Nabi Saleh.

The protest against the Halemesh settlement began as normal, with protestors heading toward the entrance of the village, trying to reach their confiscated land. However, Occupation forces had gathered inside the village and tried to repress the demonstration, firing gas and sound bombs in addition to rubber and live ammunition. Several homes were raided, and soldiers took over roofs, and from these positions opened fire on demonstrators and homes.

During clashes with soldiers, a number of demonstrators suffered from tear gas inhalation. Prior to the demonstration, Occupation forces raided a home and arrested three international activists who had been staying there.

Bil’in: Journalist injured, dozens suffer from tear gas inhalation

Dozens of people choked on tear gas and a journalist was injured during the weekly demonstration in Bil’in, held in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution.

Participants in the march raised Tunisian and Egyptian flags, along with pictures of the martyrs Bassem and Jawaher Abu Rahmah. They also carried yellow banners with the pictures Abdallah Abu Rahmah, arrested for organizing protests in Bil’in, and Marwan Barghouthi, both now held in Occupation prisoners. Some marchers also carried banners reading: “Our battle is with the Occupation and the setters, we will not deviate from the course, and we will continue our popular resistance against the Wall. Long live the Egypt of Arab freedom, the Egypt of civilization, the Egypt of history, the Egypt of the independent Arab Nation.”

Walking through the streets of Bil’in toward the Wall, marchers shouted slogans demanding national unity and an end to the current divisions and urging continued resistance against the Occupation.

The march finally approached the Wall, coming up against a large force of soldiers stationed in front of the gate. Blocking the protestors from reaching the Wall, soldiers fired tear and gas bombs in addition to rubber-coated metal bullets and live rounds. They also pursued demonstrators through the olive groves, and over the course of the day journalist Haytham al Khatib was injured, with dozens of others suffering from the effects of the tear gas.

The Bil’in Popular Committee expressed its respect and support for the unarmed popular resistance in Egypt and its demands for change.