Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – February 11
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Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update – February 11

Ni’in: Dozens suffer from gas inhalation as protestors hail the Egyptian revolution

Nearly 400 demonstrators prayed on the land near the Apartheid Wall in Ni’lin this Friday. The weekly sermon called for an end to Palestinian internal divisions and saluted the Egyptian revolution, emphasizing that the Palestinian people stand with their Egyptian brothers.

The march set off toward the Wall with participants chanting slogans in honor of the martyrs that have fallen in Ni’lin and across Palestine and in honor of the injured and imprisoned. When they reached the Wall they tried to pass through to the isolated land, but were met at the gate by Occupation forces that immediately fired tear gas toward the crowd, seriously affecting a number of demonstrators.

Clashes continued for hours until soldiers pursued demonstrators toward the village. Although Occupation forces attempted to ambush and arrest protestors, they were not able to catch anyone.

Bil’in: Palestinians remember their martyrs at weekly protest

Residents of Bil’in were joined by international activists in the weekly demonstration in Bil’in, and those marching this week carried with them Palestinian, Egyptian and Tunisian flags. They also held pictures of Jawaher and Basem Abu Rahmah aloft, alongside pictures of the Abdallah Abu Rahmah, the imprisoned popular committee leader from Bil’in, and Marwan Barghouthi.

Moving through the streets of BIl’in, demonstrators shouted slogans for national unity and the continuation of the popular resistance.

As they neared the Wall, marchers spotted Occupation forces deployed along the Wall as well as on the road in front of it. Soldiers had formed a human chain to prevent demonstrators from reaching the Wall or their land beyond it, and soon began to fire live and rubber ammunition as well as tear gas into the crowd.

Over the course of the day, several people were injured by tear gas canisters, but treated in the field.

Al Ma’sara: “Activate the popular resistance across the West Bank”

Demonstrators set out from the village school under the banner of “activating popular work and popular committees in areas damaged by the Apartheid Wall and the settlements”. A member of the committee spoke, saluting the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions and calling for the activation of popular resistance across the West Bank and spreading the experience of popular resistance to all villages near the settlements or the Wall.

Occupation forces stationed near the edge of the village did not allow protestors to reach their lands. Instead, the pushed them back, firing tear gas and sound bombs, and several demonstrators were seriously affected by the gas.

Al Nabi Saleh: Demonstration goes on as Occupation forces announce al Nabi Saleh a “closed military zone”

Occupation repression resulted in a number of serious cases of tear gas inhalation during the weekly protest in al Nabi Saleh, which was carried out this week in solidarity with the prisoners of the village, in particular with the children that have been recently jailed and the popular resistance.

Marchers set out from the village, joined by international activists, toward the confiscated land despite that Occupation force had encircled the village. Declaring al Nabi Saleh a closed military zone, soldiers attacked the march at the entrance of the village, firing tear gas and rubber bullets, leading to several injuries.

Protestors clashed with Occupation forces in the fields and streets, and soldiers fired tear gas randomly among homes and at demonstrators, and also raided two homes.