Second al Nabi Saleh resistance coordinator arrested
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Second al Nabi Saleh resistance coordinator arrested

This afternoon, Occupation forces arrested popular resistance coordinator Basem al Tamimi in al Nabi Saleh. A unit of special forces raided the village and burst into his home, taking him while he was meeting with a delegation from the French Consulate.

Basem had been wanted by Occupation forces in connection for his activities in al Nabi Saleh. Earlier this month, Naji al Tamimi, also a coordinator in the popular committee, was arrested during a night raid on his home. Soldiers attempted to arrest Basem during the same raid, but when they were unable to find him in the village.

The arrest of popular resistance organizers in al Nabi Saleh is following a well-established pattern, whereby Occupation forces systematically arrest local youth, often gathering forced confessions, before targeting protest organizers. Over the past several months, dozens of youth have been arrested in al Nabi Saleh, and with the arrest of Naji and Basem it is clear that Occupation forces are employing the same tactics used against the people of Ni’lin, Bil’in and other villages struggling against the Wall and settlements.