Protests in the West Bank During the Season of Christmas
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Protests in the West Bank During the Season of Christmas

Nabi Saleh

Fighting against the ongoing suppression that the occupation practices against the weekly protests against the apartheid wall and settlements in the West Bank, Walid Barghouthi, a young man, was shot with a live bullet to his leg while participating in Al Nabi Saleh weekly protest, which heralded a large amount of blood before he was transferred to hospital for treatment.
Witnesses said that Israeli soldiers fired three live bullets towards him in order to assassinate him just as they did with Mustafa Tamimi two weeks ago.
Majd Tamimi was also injured in face as a result of the heavy gas and sound bombs that also caused dozens of suffocation cases among the protesters. Two internationals were arrested and beaten, after occupation forces prevented them from reaching the confiscated land by the settlers and took them to an unknown destination.

Al Masara

The occupation forces suppressed the weekly march against the apartheid wall and settlement. The spokesperson for the popular committee, Mohammad Brejieh, said that the occupation forces suppress the march by attacking the participants and preventing them from reaching the apartheid wall area. He added that many of the protesters wore “Santa Claus” uniforms to express the unity between the Palestinian people, Muslims, and Christians who defy the arrogant occupation.


Dozens were suffocated with tear gas during the protest in Qalandia village north of Jerusalem in condemnation of the apartheid wall.
It is noteworthy that the occupation forces launched arrest campaigns among young men in the village in order to limit the strength of the new resistance in the village; so it does not follow the examples of Bilin, Nilin and Al Nabi Saleh.
The protesters chanted national slogans and called to stop the building of the apartheid wall on their land. The occupation forces continued building the wall that will confiscate and isolate hundreds of the village’s lands.


The occupation forces shot tear gas and sound bombs towards the protesters, which caused suffocation cases among them. The spoke man of the popular committee said, “The occupation repression will not stop us from continuing the resistance,” and added that some of the protesters made a hole in the concrete wall and raised the Palestinian flag over the wall.
One of the protesters who wore a “Santa Clause” uniform climbed the wall and screamed at the soldiers, telling them, “This is the land of Christ Jesus, not yours!”
The committee said that the villagers will continue their resistance until gaining freedom, refusing the occupation of Palestinian minds.


Eighteen-year-old Tala Samajah was injured and dozens were suffocated as a result of heavy tear gas and sound bombs that were shot towards the protesters during the weekly march.
The protesters chanted national slogans calling for unity and called for the resistence of the occupation and for the release of all Palestinian prisoners.

Kufur Qaddom

Dozens of Palestinians and internationals activists, including children and women, were injured and suffocated during the weekly march in the village, which was organized under the slogan “Our right will not be lost,” after shooting tear gas and sound bombs towards the protesters and the villagers’ houses.
The villagers said that the occupation forces are trying to end the weekly march in the village by shoting direct towards the protesters’ bodies, at the safe houses, and by mass arresting.