2020 Overview of the Olive Harvest in Palestine

The “You Are Not Alone” campaign – the collective efforts and the voluntary work to support the Palestinian farmers through the olive harvesting season – has once again provided essential support to the Palestinian farmers and continues to be the first backbone of the Palestinian farmers in front of the attacks of Israeli settlers and soldiers during the olive harvesting season.

Resistance and Repression in Palestine.

October 7th 2015 – Resistance and Repression in Palestine A brief report. The rebellion unfolding in the West Bank and increasingly across the Green Line is a direct response to Israel’s intensified ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people and its almost seven decades old regime of occupation, apartheid and settler colonialism. It has seen yet […]

Further suppression of demonstrations by the occupation

The Occupation suppresses the weekly demonstrations against the wall and settlements and demonstrations condemning the martyrdom of captive Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh Events on Friday 5th April Hebron: Occupation Forces used tear gas and water cannons to suppress the weekly demonstration demanding freedom of movement in Hebron and the re-opening of the street connecting the city […]