Jayyous village in support of Palestinian prisoners
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Jayyous village in support of Palestinian prisoners

On Saturday, April 28th, the grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall campaign organized mass march in Jayyous Village (Qalqilya district) in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners, some 2500 of whom are on hunger strike since April 17. The prisoners entered this mass hunger strike in order to fight  the Israeli policy of administrative detention [detention without trial] and other violations of their human rights, which the occupation forces practice against them, such as the banning of family visits.

The Stop the Wall statement said that this activity came to support the prisoners in their hunger strike against Israeli occupation and apartheid and its ongoing criminal attacks against the  Palestinian people and the continuous invasion and colonization of their land,  villages, cities and refugee camps.

Stop the Wall called the people of Jayyous to support the prisoners and resist the Israeli occupation, its ever expanding settlement project and the massive ethnic cleansing effort, particularly in Jerusalem and the Jordan valley.

The organizers underlined that some 2500 prisoners are on hunger strike since 17th April – Palestinian Prisoners Day – and that the rest will join on 1st May. 8 prisoners are on hunger strike since more than 50 days and already in critical medical condition.