WSF Free Palestine registration process starts now!
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WSF Free Palestine registration process starts now!

Registration of activities, organizations, individual participants and media for the WSF Free Palestine start from October and will be made online at the link that will be available on the site: Here are more details of the schedule:


Registration for activities and organizations:


The online registration for organizations and pre-registration of activities will be available from October 1.  Meanwhile, we share in PDF format the registration forms so that organizations can now start discussing and debating with partner about the self-organized activities they want to implement according to the axes of FSMPL. Due to the limits of available space, we ask that the activities are already registered as convergence activities between various organizations. Below are general guidelines for the activities and the link to download the form.


1) The self-organized activities can only be proposed by organizations that have previously registered in the corresponding sheet. All proposals must be in accordance with the reference document in order to be confirmed. Please visit the link to access the reference document:

2) The implementation of the self-organized activities is the responsibility of their proponents who will be in charge of defining the format, the names of possible speakers,  availability of the necessary equipment, as well as registration of the memory of the activity after the event. The Organizing Committee of the World Social Forum Free Palestine (WSF Free Palestine) ensures the space for the activity and will be responsible for promoting the event online and in the program of the WSF Free Palestine.

3) The WSF International Council emphasizes and promotes the construction of equality at all levels of the process of the Forum. It is important to consider how the activity will contribute, theoretically and in practice, to the realization of equality (gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, cultures) and respect for all differences (including sexual diversity).

4) The construction of the program is a process. Until October 15 you can propose activities for the WSF Free Palestine. Between 15 and 30 October you can also edit or delete the proposed activity, but no longer include a new activity. At the same time, the Organizing Committee will act to help the process of convergence between similar activities, or articulation of proposals from different organizations, sectors and parts of the world. The pre-registered activities should await a message of the committee stating their confirmation.

5) Remember that organizations that propose self-managed activities should make the payment of the fee until November 10 2012. Only activities of organizations that have paid their registration will be considered in the final program.


Subscriptions volunteer interpreters:

Registration of volunteers for interpretation and translation for the World Social Forum Free Palestine are done manually. See below to download the registration form, fill in all fields and send it to: Subject: volunteer  interpretation / translation, along with a curriculum vitae. We will contact the registrants and begin the process of selecting volunteers. Arabic is one of the working languages ​​of WSF Free Palestine, as well as Portuguese, French, Spanish and English. We invite especially interpreters and translators for these languages to ​​volunteer.

Subscriptions for individuals and media

The online form for people wishing to attend conferences, workshops and cultural activities as individual or as media professionals who will cover the event will be available from October 15.


Values ​​of registration

The payment of subscriptions is a political call to self-sustainability of the World Social Forum Free Palestine, and is a contribution of all organizations and individuals participating in its construction. Aware of the different payment capacities of its participants in a scenario of economic crisis and dwindling resources internationally, the Organizing Committee of the WSF Free Palestine has stipulated different fees that were defined as follows:

– Organizations (entitled to up to 5 delegates): $Reais 200

– Individuals: $Reais 20

– Palestinian Refugees: free

– Trade Union confederations : $Reais 2000-5000, according to ability


Download the registration forms