Once again: Israeli forces attack Palestinians at al Aqsa mosque
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Once again: Israeli forces attack Palestinians at al Aqsa mosque

This week, once again, Occupation forces invaded Jerusalem's Aqsa mosque compound after weekly prayers Friday, attacking worshipers with stun grenades and tear gas. Several Palestinians have been arrested. 

Palestinians within the Aqsa compound were staging a protest against illegal Jewish settlers who invaded the compound under heavy police protection earlier this week. 

Israeli authorities and Zionist groups have made repeated threats to demolish the Aqsa mosque, considered the third holiest site in Islam and a unique cultural heritage, in order to build a Jewish temple in its stead. 

The photos posted on flickr here are taken by a witness show policemen stationed outside the Aqsa mosque, as youth, including some of the injured, were reportedly trapped inside fearing arrest. 

While international tourist were flocking the Old City of Jerusalem as nothing was happening, women, men and children were teargased as they had gathered for prayers. When people were able to leave the compound, Israeli occupation forces were taking photographs to start yet another arrest campaign. 

The military attacks on the weekly Friday prayers are part of the Judaization attempt of the Israeli authorities. The al Aqsa mosque at the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem is probably the most striking symbol of the Palestinian history and presence of Jerusalem.