Israeli War on Gaza Kills 90 Palestinians, Injures over 900
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Israeli War on Gaza Kills 90 Palestinians, Injures over 900

GAZA, November 19, 2012 (WAFA) – The number of Palestinians who were killed in the ongoing Israeli attacks launched against the Gaza Strip for the Sixth day in a row since November 14 reached 90, with more than 900 injuries; mostly children, women and elderly.

Israeli air forces targeted al-Dallou family house in Nasser neighborhood, in the city of Gaza, killing 11 members of them. Ambulance crews pulled the bodies from under the rubble and recognized the dead as Sulafa, Samah and Tahani al-Dallou, 50, 25, 46, and Abdullah and Amena al-Mizner, 23, 83.

Eleven-year-old Raneen Dallou and the four siblings and their father; Sarah, Yuosif, Jamal and Ibrahim Dallou were also pulled from under the rubble after Israel targeted the house. 18 others were injured; four of them in critical condition.

Sources reported that the latest airstrike on Monday morning targeted the town of Qarara, north of Khan Yunis, resulting in the death of two Palestinian siblings; Anwar and Ibrahim al-Astal and injuring two; one of them is a 5-year-old child with a critical condition.

Meanwhile, in the city of Deir al-Balah, an Israeli warplane hit a civilian vehicle, killing three Palestinians from one family; Tamer, Amen and Salah Bashir.

Israeli warplanes shelled ‘Falastin’ play yard for the second time since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and fired three missiles at a building in a populated area, killing 18-month-old Rama al-Shandi and injuring a woman and a man with varying injuries. They were later transferred to al-Shifa hospital.

Sources told WAFA that 50-year-old Abed Arhman Atar was killed in an airstrike that targeted a location north of the Gaza Strip.

Medical sources said that Israeli warplanes shelled with three missiles a family house that belongs to al-Azzam family in al-Zeitoun neighborhood, east of the city of Gaza, killing four Palestinians; Nasma Abu Zour, 19, Muhamed Abu Zour, 5, Sahar Abu Zour and Ahed Qataqti, while injuring more than 30; mostly children, women and the elderly.