More than 200 Palestinians build the village “Bab Munatir” in the Nablus region
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More than 200 Palestinians build the village “Bab Munatir” in the Nablus region

More than 200 Palestinians are building the village “Bab Munatir” in the Nablus region:


This morning, more than 200 Palestinian Grassroots Committees activists started construction of (02.02.2013) the village of “Bab Munatir” on the land of the Munatir area – land threatened with confiscation by the Israeli army of occupation and settlers in the Palestinian village of Bourin, south of Nablus region.


Coordinator for the Grassroots Committees of  Stop the Wall Campaign, Suheil Salman, said that more than 200 Palestinians from different parts of the West Bank have come today to build the village as an answer to the Israeli government’s decision to expand the illegal settlements.


He added that the occupation forces have rushed more soldiers and settlers to the area, and are closing the entrance of the village in order to prevent supporters reaching it. The military are firing rubber bullets and tear gas at the activists.


Salman also points to the fact that the Bourin village in the area is constantly exposed to attacks from the settlers of Yitzhar and Bracha, built on the Palestinians’ land.


The village of Bab Munatir is built on the same principle as, and as a continuation of,  the Bab al-Shams and Bab al-Karamah initiatives carried out by the activists of the Grassroots Committee to challenge the illegal settlements that have seen an unprecedented expansion this year.