Boycott in a captive economy…

Koos Mohammed interviewed among others Mazen al Azzeh, an activist in the Stop the Wall Campaign from Bethlehem district, about the uphill task of building a boycott of Israeli goods in a condition of completely captive market, such as the West Bank and Gaza.  Jerusalem – The global boycott movement has gained strong momentum since […]

How To Feel Closer To Your Land

  They organize trips for youth to increase the level of awareness of other young people in the same situation. Tijwall Safar is a group, that organize trips for youth at least once a month. The Participants usually comes from all over Palestine. Stop The Wall joined them for one of their trips, where the goal was to […]

A Call to Reject Obama’s Visit and to Demonstrate Against Any Return to Negotiations

Palestinian youth groups of “Palestinians For Dignity” call to reject US President Obama’s visit to the occupied Palestinian territory expected between 20-22 March, and to demonstrate against the possible return to negotiations. President Obama’s visit to the occupied Palestinian territory comes at a time when our prisoners are waging a hunger strike battle in the […]