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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Activities continue planting olive seedlings against the 113 anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish National Fund.

Friday 31 of January, in coordination with the international Stop the JNF Campaign the Union of Palestinian Farmers and the anti-apartheid Wall Campaign planted olive seedlings in the village of Sebastia in Nablus, a continuation of the activities of anti-113anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish National Fund. 

The activists of the Farmers Union and the grassroots campaign Stop the Wall with participation of the youth group"Tjwal" planted seedlings in the land threatened with confiscation near to "Shafi Shomron" settlement in Sebastia; This event comes within the second "One Million Trees" campaign, submitted by the Arab Society for the Protection of Nature.


Raafat Alkhndakja, a member of the Executive Office of the Farmers Union, praised the role that the the Arab society played in support of the Palestinian farmers and their steadfastness, and that the Arab Society for the Protection of Nature and the Farmers Union will continue these activities to keep the Palestinian farmers on their land in front of all the attempts of settlers to seize their land and displace them.

Suhail Salman, the coordinator of Stop the Wall campaign, emphasized the need to continue with these activities because it carries a deep national meanings that aims to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian farmers in their lands against the Israeli government and settlers' attacks.

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