Popular Resistance Activists built the village of Ein Hejleh in the Jordan Valley
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Popular Resistance Activists built the village of Ein Hejleh in the Jordan Valley

The popular resistance activists and political forces built the village of Ein Hejleh on the Church's lands belonging to Hejleh Monastery in the Palestinian Jordan Valley.

The campaign aims at standing against the decisions of the occupation to judaize and confiscate the Jordan Vally area, and to revitalizing the Canaanite Palestinian village in the Palestinian Jordan Valley near to the so-called (90 street)  linking the Dead Sea and Bisan. Also, the establishment of this village comes in part to respond to Kerry's proposals aiming to keep the control of the occupation over the Jordan Valley and the border areas there, and to emphasize the rejection of all proposals related to this. They added that the campaign comes within the framework of the Popular Resistance, demanding the international community and all activists in solidarity with the Palestinian cause to boycott all Israeli companies, including factories and agricultural companies in the Jordan Valley, which is based on the exploitation of all our natural resources. 


"Mhaderan" is one of these companies, since It is the largest Israeli company producing and exporting vegetables and fruits, specifically from the area of ​​the Jordan Valley, in addition to 'Hadeklam' agricultural company which exports dates produced by the settlers in the Palestinian Jordan Valley, as well as "Pramear" and "Ahava" companies which produce makeup products from the salts of the Dead Sea.

The village of "Ein Hejleh" is near Deir Hijleh in areas (c) which belong to the monastery and surrounded by the settlers' agricultural lands surrounded by an occupation army camp. The land belonging to the Monastery has an approximate area of 1,000 acres, part of it was confiscated by the occupation's army under the pretext of 'security reasons'.


Salah al-Khawaja, the representative of the anti-apartheid Wall Campaign activity and one of the organizers of the event, said that the popular Resistance will continue and escalate until we get rid of the Occupation and its settlers. He also said that the Jordan Vally, Jerusalem and all Palestinian territories is one unit which can not be waived or separated.


He asked the Palestinian authority to not succumb under any political pressure that would lead to the acceptance of any agreement lacking full Palestinian sovereignty on the occupied Palestinian territories and an end to the occupation as a whole.