The Violations In The West Bank
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The Violations In The West Bank

The Israeli occupation continued their crimes and violations of human rights on a daily bases against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.


The aggression of the occupation forces in Jerusalem continue: home demolitions, arbitrary arrests, police searches, the lock down of entire villages, daily invasions to the Al Aqsa mosque by settlers accompanied by police, deportation of residents of Jerusalem and an intensive presence of occupation forces in the old city have been the main features this week. In the West Bank the daily invasions to villages and arbitrary arrests continued while the main streets between the different villages and cities are patrolled by military jeeps all over.

In Jerusalem, two homes have been demolished by bulldozers in the town of Issawiya. During the demolition of the building belonging to Isaac Mustafa Hamdan, the occupation forces attacked the family, beat members of the family and shot one of Isaac Mustafa’s sons at close range with a rubber coeated metall bullet in the stomach. The other building belonged to Ahmad Al Masri.

When the occupation arrived at the village to start the home demolitions, the people in Issawiya came to the streets in solidarity to defend the properties. Occupation forces repressed the protest and injured many people. Some of them  had to be taken to hospital. In the Shuafat refugee camp 20 shops have been destroyed by the bulldozers of the occupation next to the military check point that isolates the camp from Jerusalem. The building, where the shops were located, belongs to the Adajani family and was situated at the entrance of the camp. As the people living in the camp were defending their shops, clashes with the occupation forces erupted and lasted for hours before the demolition could finally accur. Dozens of residents have been injured.

In the old city, the Israeli police prohibited renovations and maintenance work inside the Door of Mercy in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Five settlers attacked and beat the 26-year-old Magdi Majid Najib in the light rail station area near Damascus gate while he was buying the ticket for light train heading to his work in West Jerusalem. Another group of Jewish settlers attacked and beat another Palestinian youth in the Ras al Amud neighborhood of Silwan, south of the Aqsa Mosque. He suffered from serious injuries and was taken to Makassed Hospital for treatment. Another attack against a Palestinian taxi driver occurred in West Jerusalem. In Mishor Adomim settlement, located on main high way from Jerusalem to Jericho, a Palestinian youth was shot by an Israeli security guard of the settlement, seriously wounded and had to be transferred to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Israeli settlers set fire in one of the classrooms in a bilingual school near Beit Safafa, south of Jerusalem and have stepped anti-Arab racist slogans calling for Arabs to be killed. Jewish settlers groups, accompanied by special security units from the police, continued to invade the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Mughrabi Gate.

In Hebron Israeli violations were concentrated in the south of Hebron, where 8 Bedouin communities are threatened with expulsion. The communities depend mainly on their livestock.

The Israeli occupation forces notified the familiy of Samir Mohammed Hassan Hmamdh of the demolition order for their residential tents in Altaban and Almafqara neighborhoods in Yatta, south of Hebron. The military handed over other notifications to the Hmamdh and other families announcing the impending demolition of three residential tents in the impoverished area near Tuwani. Nasser Mahmoud Khalil received notice to demolish the shelter for his sheep. Additionally, the residents of Altaban received notification for demolition of solar cells system rooms.

A settler from Carmiel settlement, south of Hebron, run over the 50 years old Mohammed Khalil Alhmamdh with his car. Mohammed Alhmamdh was on his way back home on his horse in Al Dairat village east of Yatta. He himself has been severely wounded and a broken leg. As well his horse has legs broken.

Settlers and private guards from the Carmiel settlement  attacked Zayed Soliman Alhmalin (21 years) while he was grazing his sheep in his land close to the  settlement.

The occupation authorities handed over a demolition order to the principal of the school in Aldeirat that targets the school cafeteria.

Israeli occupation forces further gave ‘stop work’ orders for the homes under construction in the Safa area in the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. Munir Ahmed Radwan received stop work order for his two-store building, Za’al Ibrahem  was warned to stop work on his sheep shelter. In the same area, the military raided a number of houses and and inspected and threatened pools for water harvesting.

In Bethlehem Israeli solders accompanied by the staff of the Israeli civil administration handed over stop work orders to five residents of al-Khader village, south of Bethlehem, which are in the process of building their homes. These orders have been issued even though the area where the construction takes place is in area C, an area theoretically under the full control of the Palestinian Authority. The residents are Ashraf Mohammed Issa, Mohammed Abu Galyoun, Mahmoud Sobh, Musa Ahmed Essa and Hassan Issa.
In Ramallah most of the violations in Ramallah district were land confiscations or settler attacks on Palestinian communities and residents.

Military orders to confiscate dozens of acres of land from the villages west of Ramallah have been issued this week. Other orders prohibit Palestinian construction in their land. The inhabitants of Rantis village have been handed over military orders for confiscation of 231 dunums of the land of four neighbouring villages (Rantis, Shaqba, Qibya and Bodrus). The orders justify the demolitions with ‘security reasons’. In fact, this land is located along the Wall that cuts through the land of those villages in the first place. In the same context, the Israeli military issued orders which prohibit the people of Rantis, Aboud and Shaqba villages to construct in their lands near the settlements of Ofarim and Beit Arie. People are further ordered to stop any building under construction. Another land confiscation order was issued for 48 dunums of land in the village of Rantis, in the northwest. The confiscation order openly admits that it is issued “for the purposes of military expansion in the region”.

A group of settlers from Psagut Settlement, which is built on the land of the city of Al Bireh attacked the house of Yousef Allan Qur’an. They threw stones and smashed the windows of the house.
In another instance, a number of settlers threw a Molotov cocktail at one of the houses in Jalazoun refugee camp, which resulted in a fire that burned part of the home. Two Palestinians from Beit Illo village, west of Ramallah, have been injured after settlers shot at them on their way back home from work. The two are Ahmed Akram Zeyadeh and Thabet Abdul Karim Bazzar. Another group of Israeli settlers launched an attack on the Palestinian car owned by Mohammed Ibrahim Daissat near the settlement of Shilo, north of Ramallah.

In Salfit the land of farmers from Salfit anf Kifl Hares has been bulldozed in order to allow the expansion of the road of Ariel settlement and the infrastructure for the settlement from the western side.

In Nablus most of the violations were part of the attempt to create a general atmosphere of fear and insecurity for Palestinian communities. The settlers provoked and harassed farmers in their land, people driving or waking on the main streets. Settlers from Itamar settlement cut some 60 olive trees from Jehear Valley, to the east of Aqraba village, south of Nablus. The trees belonged to Shaher Saeed Ahmed and Majed Saeed Bani Jame’. Finally, a group of settlers stormed Burqa village, north of Nablus.