NOW: Israeli military operation ongoing in Twayyel
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NOW: Israeli military operation ongoing in Twayyel

Since Sunday morning at 4 am Israeli military is operating in a large area around Twayyel, in Aqraba area in the Jordan Valley. Large swaths of agricultural land and a good part of the people's harvest has already been destroyed while the operations defined by Israel as 'military training' are still ongoing. 

Since a week, the Israeli army had deployed a large amount of soldiers and equipment in a military camp built up on the people's land.

People say they have not been informed or alerted in any way by the Israeli military about the impending military operations in their land.

Witnesses from Aqraba talk about some 100 military vehicles as well as helicopters and other heavy military equipment being in use.   

This military training in Twayyel comes only days after the military training on April 28 in Hamsa Fouqa, as well in the Jordan Valley. The operation started only one day before the announced military 'training' in the area of Humza checkpoint that is supposed to last from today, Monday May 4 through to Thursday, May 7. Some five communities have been asked to evacuate their homes.