Cremisan: People tear down the gates of the Wall
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Cremisan: People tear down the gates of the Wall

Hundreds of people gathered for the mass mobilization Sunday morning. The protest tore down one of the gates of the Israeli apartheid infrastructure that segregates the Palestinian people from their lands and from each other. 


The Popular Committee of Beit Jala organized the protest together with Stop the Wall Campaign, The Popular Struggle Coordinating Committee and the Palestinian National Forces. Along their side were the religious leaders of the area and local residents as well as delegations from other districts of the West Bank. They were all backed up by a consistent group of international supporters and activists.

Protesters gathered in Bir 'Ona around 11 a.m. They then proceed towards the newly confiscated land, property of Beit Jala, town north west of Bethlehem, where during the past week, centuries-old olive trees have been uprooted to make way to a new piece of the Apartheid Wall which will isolate Wadi Ahmed from the built-up area of Beit Jala.

Encouraged by chanting and music the protest proceeded towards the area, headed by a banner held by the leading religious and political spokespeople, declaring “Our Land is our identity”. 


After a brief gathering at the beginning of the valley, in the shadow of the racist bypass bridge (Road 60) which rules over the area, protesters in unison began to uproot the metal-fenced gate, instrument of separation and device of segregation. The cheers for the successfully completed action, were but abruptly interrupted by a shower of tear-gas canisters, dispersing the demonstrators. The tear-gas canisters continued falling, targeting the nearby homes and gardens, forcing its inhabitants to flee.

Despite the military attack, the great achievement of the day showed the determination of the Palestinian people for freedom, and who will not yield to the colonizer.  


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