Bilin’s protests at 13: the struggle continues

Today, the village of Bil’in has marked 13 years of popular struggle against Israel’s apartheid Wall and its regime of apartheid, colonialism and occupation. Activists have staged a mass protest challenging the Wall on its lands and calling for BDS. At noon time around one thousand Palestinian and international activists gathered in a protest called […]

Israel can’t stop Beit Jala’s resistance

30 August 2015. Sunday protest in Beit Jala was violently repressed by the Israeli Occupation Forces with tear gas and sound bombs, dispersing the demonstrators and arresting two Palestinians. Hundreds of protesters gathered around 11:00 a.m. for the Sunday demonstration in Bir 'Ona, a neighborhood of the city of Beit Jala which is undergoing operations […]

Cremisan: People tear down the gates of the Wall

Hundreds of people gathered for the mass mobilization Sunday morning. The protest tore down one of the gates of the Israeli apartheid infrastructure that segregates the Palestinian people from their lands and from each other.    The Popular Committee of Beit Jala organized the protest together with Stop the Wall Campaign, The Popular Struggle Coordinating […]

Join the protest: Stop the Wall in Beit Jala

The Popular committee of Beit Jala together with the Stop the Wall Campaign, the Popular Struggle Coordinating Committee and the Palestinian National Forces call for a mass protest against the construction of the Apartheid Wall, land grab and destruction of property in Cremisan Valley. The demonstration will take place on Sunday 23rd August at 11:00 […]

Ongoing Resistance in the West Bank

Since the beginning of the massacre in Gaza on July 7th 2014, all eyes of the international media are focused on this Israeli military aggression. But also in the West Bank resistance and repression has increased: the clashes between Palestinian activists and the Israeli military on the checkpoints have escalated during this time. Palestinians in […]

10 Years after the Court ruling against the Wall: Legal experts call for international action

On 10th Anniversary of Historic ruling against Israel’s Wall, Israel bombs Gaza: at the UN, 86 top legal experts urge UN and third-state action, protests continue in Palestine, worldwide events to stop Israeli impunity. See the letter in: English – Spanish – Portuguese. Leading international jurists and legal networks from all continents, among them UN […]