Palestine in Revolt. News Report 9th October 2015
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Palestine in Revolt. News Report 9th October 2015

News Bulletin: 9th October 2015

The demonstrations and protests have been spreading all over historic Palestine. They have intensified in the Palestinian cities across the Green Line and protests in Gaza have cost six lives in one day only. The revolt is continuing as settlers have attacked Palestinians, especially in the Old City and Salfit area. As Israeli authorities are shooting live ammunition and engage across the line in extra-judicial killings, the mayor of Jerusalem has asked Israeli-Jewish citizens to wear their arms while in the streets.


Seven people have been shot dead by the Israeli army. Six of them have been killed in the Gaza Strip. 15 year old Mohammed Hisham Raqab and 22 year old Adnan Musa Abu-Alian were shot dead by gunfire east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip. 20 year old Abd al-Wahidi, 20 year old Shadi Dawlh, 20 year old Ahmad Herbawi, were executed  by a sniper in east of Shajaiya, 20 year old Ziad Nabil Sharft was shot east of the city of Khan Younis and diead at the Shifa Hospital. 19 year old Mohammed Fares Al-Jabari from Hebron was killed for allegedly stabbing an officer of the occupation army at the western entrance to the settlement of Kiryat Arba.


  • 415 Palestinians have been injured, including 145 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.

·         In the West Bank, 30 have been injured by live ammunition in the West Bank (11 in Al-Bireh/Ramallah, 3 in Nablus, 3 in Hebron, 3 in Kafr Qaddoum, 9 in Jenin, 1 in Qalandiya).

·         95 have been injured by rubber-coated bullets (52 in the city al Bireh, 8 in Ramallah, 5 in Shu’fat refugee camp, 8 in Hebron, 2 in Jenin, 7 in Bethlehem, 5 in Qalandiya).

·         279 suffered from respiratory problems due to tear gas.

·         11 have been assaulted by settlers or military forces in the clashes that broke out on Friday in various parts of the West Bank. In al Bireh, a military jeep run completely over the body of a youth in a clear assassination attempt. Luckily survived with only a leg injury.

·         In the Gaza Strip 145 Palestinian have been wounded with serious and moderate injuries, including 11 children under the age of 18. 28 have been respiratory problems due to tear gas suffocation. However, most of the injuries recorded in Gaza’s hospitals are concentrated in the head region and the upper regions of the body.

Raids and mass arrests:

Israeli military has raided various villages and arrested 44 people, most of them youth. 22 people have been arrested in Hebron, 11 in Jenin, 6 in Jerusalem, 5 in Nablus.

Israeli military:

The four new military battalions to the West Bank and 4,000 police and special forces to Jerusalem are still heavily deployed on the main streets and at checkpoints in various areas.


Continuing confrontations with the occupation forces starting from noon and until midnight in more than 50 sites and the center of the West Bank and Jerusalem. It included throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and appeal.

Also daily clashes with settlers in the axes of the main roads at the entrances to villages continue.

Clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces continued on both sides of the Green Line, including:

·         Tur neighborhood in Jerusalem, which lead to a leg injury of one youth and the arrest of two young men.

·         Shuafat refugee camp and the adjacent Ras Khamis area, which lead to 5 injuries by rubber bullets. Dozens suffered from suffocation with tear gas.

·         Hawara checkpoint, south of Nablus, where a number of Palestinians suffered from suffocation with tear gas during clashes at the checkpoint.

·         Two young men were injured during the clashes near the Beit El settlement in the north of al Bireh when Israeli soldiers in a military jeep attacked them attempting running over one of them in order to kill them. The clashes in al Bireh started when participants in the funeral mourners Muhannad Halabi moved towards the settlement.

·        Clashes in Silwad, north of Ramallah lead to the injury of three young men with rubber-coated bullets.

·       Clashes in Ni’lin, west of Ramallah, violent clashes broke out at the main entrance east of the town when the army invaded the village and fired live bullets and tear gas and rubber-coated bullets towards young people who responded by throwing stones. Dozens of young men suffered from tear gas.

·      In Bil’in, west of Ramallah, the Israeli occupation forces fired heavy tear gas on the weekly protest march, causing respiratory problems because of the tear gas.

·     In the village of Nabi Saleh near Ramallah clashes erupted between dozens of youths and Israeli soldiers. Israeli military fired tear gas at youths who threw stones at them.

·       In Beit Fajar, south of Bethlehem, clashes erupted and four people were injured by rubber-coated bullets many suffered from tear gas.

·       In Bethlehem city clashes started and one youth was injured by rubber-coated bullets in the chest.

·        In Ras al-Jura, north of Hebron, clashes lead to four palestinian suffering from injuries by rubber-coated bullets.

·       At Tarqumiya checkpoint, south of Hebron, clashes erupted as the occupation forces delivered the body of Amjad al Jandi.

·       In Arroub and Beit Amr clashes broke out during the day.

·       At Qalandiya checkpoint, north of Jerusalem, clashes broke out.

·     At the entrance to the village of Anata, northeast of Jerusalem, clashes broke out and dozens suffered from respiratory problems due to the tear gas.

·        At the Israeli settlement Geshoury chemical factories, west of Tulkarem, which poison Palestinian land and cause rising cancer rates in the area, confrontations between youth and Israeli forces started.

·        In the town of Qaffin, north of Tulkarem, youth clashed with occupation forces and dozens suffered respiratory problems from the tear gas.

·       At Jalama checkpoint, north of Jenin, clashes broke out and 15 young people, including a journalist and a paramedic were injured. Israeli undercover units arrested eight youth before they were discovered.

·        In Rummana and Zububa, west of Jenin, clashes erupted near the entrance to the Salem military camp, which Israel built on the lands of the two villages.

·         At the southern entrance of Jericho clashes continued

·        In the village of Azzun, east of Qalqiliya, where during the clashes one Israeli soldier lost his weapon. This led to the army storming the town and invading random houses as retaliation.

·       In Gaza, at Beit Hanoun "Erez" checkpoint north of the Gaza Strip, clashes broke out and youth were able of smashing a number of surveillance cameras

·         Est of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

·       In Salfit area, dozens of settlers from the settlement of Ariel marched at the crossroads to  Salfit, north of the city, under the protection of occupation forces. They closed the junction to Palestinian vehicles. 

·   In the Old City, settlers attacked a Palestinian family living near the Al Aqsa Mosque.

·     Organized groups of settlers marched through the Old City under the protection of the Israeli army. They were carrying sticks and batons.