Palestine in Revolt. News Report 13th October 2015
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Palestine in Revolt. News Report 13th October 2015

News Bulletin of 13th October 2015. Resistance and Repression continues.


  1. Three Palestinians have been killed in the same day in separate incidents, two of them from Jerusalem and one from Bethlehem:

Baha E’lyaan, (23), and his friend Bilal Omar Ghanem (23), ,both  from Jabal Al-Mukaber in Jerusalem were involved in a stabbing and shooting attack on an Israeli bus.Baha was killed and Bilal was severely wounded. Bilal is still in the hospital for treatment and he is under arrest.

Ala’a Abu Jmal, (33), from Jabal Al- Mukaber in Jerusalem, ran over two settlers and then got out of his car and stabbed others.

Mutaz Ibrahim HamdanZawahreh, (27), from Al- Dhaisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem,was shot with live bullets in his back by the Israeli forces during clashes in Bethlehem. He was transferred to a hospital but the doctors’ attempts to keep him alive failed.

371 Palestinians were injured, 329 of them in the West Bank and 24 in the Gaza strip. 21 of these injuries were with live and rubber bullets, the rest of the injuries are suffocation from tear gas.

  1. Wide raids and arrests among young Palestinians took place throughout the West Bank: 29 prisoners, half of whom are minors, in Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus and Tulkarem.
  2. Thirteen additional border guard brigades were deployed in Jerusalem and the occupied 48, in addition to the four new brigades in the West Bank. The Israeli occupation force  is still widely deployed on the main streets and  at check points in different areas.
  3. Continuous clashes with the occupation forces began at noon and continued until midnight in more than 40 sites in the West Bank, Gaza and in the 48 occupied Palestine. The clashes included more than 46 incidences of stone throwing and Molotov cocktails in: Silwan, Ras Al- Amoud, Al- Tur, Al- Issaweieh, Al-Ram, Qalandia checkpoint, Shu’faat refugees camp, the old city of Jerusalem, Jabal Al-Mukaber, BeitHanina, Al- Izarieh, Abu Deis, Hizma, Al- Shayiah neighborhood, Salman Al- Faresih Street, Qatnah village northwest of Jerusalem, Al- Sa’diyeh and Bab Huta lane and other places in Bethlehem, Nablus, Ramallah, Hebron and the north and central of Gaza.
  4. The occupation forces have set up a number of sudden checkpoints this evening on the main roads connecting Hebron with Bethlehem, while Israeli soldiers disrupted the movement of Palestinians at Hebron’s northen entrance, Beit E’noun entrance and the western Farsh Al- Hawa entrance. Israeli soldiers also spread along the main road connecting Hebron and Taqo’u village in east Bethlehem detaining Palestinian vehicles and checking people’s IDs.
  5. Continuous daily attacks by settlers against citizens and Palestinian farmers occurred on the main roads and village entrances that are situated near the settlements.