Palestine in Revolt. News Report 18th October 2015
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Palestine in Revolt. News Report 18th October 2015

News Bulletin of the events of the 18th October

1- 21-year-old Muhannad Al- Aqabi from Hourah in Al-Naqab was martyred today after taking part in both a stabbing and shooting action at the central station in Beir Al- Sabe’. The Israeli forces suspect that he took a soldier’s weapon after stabbing him, so the police shot two suspects at the scene only to later realize that one of them was an Eritrean worker that was mistakenly shot. This action has led to the death of an army officer and the wounding of ten; two of them are in a critical condition.

2- 80 Palestinians were injured, 61 of them in the West Bank, 19 in Gaza. The injuries included 27 with live and rubber bullets and 53 suffered from tear gas suffocation.

3- 28 young Palestinians were arrested mainly in Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Qalqilya and Jenin.

4- In addition to the forces already deployed in Jerusalem and the West Bank, another force of 300 soldiers was deployed after closing most Jerusalem neighborhoods with cement blocks. 

5- Continuous clashes with the occupation forces began at noon and continued until midnight in more than 30 sites in the West Bank and Gaza. The clashes were mainly in : Qalandiya’s refugees camp, central Hebron, Al Zawyieh Gate at the center of Hebron, Al-Aroub refugee camp, Beit Omaar, Ras Al- Joura, Al- Khodori college, Al- Issawyieh, Shufat refugee camp, Kuryat Arba’a, Besigot Settlement in Al-Beireh, Beit Eil, Civil Liaison area at the south of Hebron, the surrounding of Beit Hejay settlement in south of Hebron, Dar Salah Village near Murad resort east Bethlehem, Taqou’ and Housan south of Bethlehem, the surrounding of Al-Taybah School at the west of Jenin, East of Al- Breij, Al- Aroub, Al- Naqar neighborhood, Zaboba, Ya’bad.

6- The Israeli Forces continue to target journalists. The journalist Nibal Farsakh who works as a reporter for the Jordanian Channel Al-Ro’ya was injured this Sunday during clashes near Beit Eil settlement at the north entrance of Al- Beireh. PalMedia’s reporter was also injured with a rubber bullet to the leg during clashes near Al-Khodori College.

7- Daily attacks continued by settlers towards Palestinian citizens and farmers on the main roads and the entrances of villages placed near settlements. These attacks included the following:

–       Hebron: A group of extremist settlers attacked Palestinians’ houses at dawn in Tal Al-Ramideh and Al- Kasarat near Kiryat Arba’a settlement in the north of Hebron, and Wadi Al- Husein, Wadi Al- Nasarah at the east of Hebron. At the entrance to Al- Aroub refugee camp a settler ran over an 18-year-old Palestinian girl named Ru’a.  

–       Jerusalem: A group of settlers broke into Al- Aqsa mosque twice in a very provocative way, with heavy guard by the Israeli forces.

–       Nablus: A group of settlers broke into Joseph’s shrine in eastern Nablus and were detained by the Palestinian national security forces. They were then released when an Israeli force came to the site. Meanwhile, a group of young men set fire to a settler’s car. Moreover, at the entrance of Burien Village, settlers tried to kidnap a Palestinian driver named Yousef Al- Najar along with his passenger, Arafat Al- Najar. A settler also opened fire in a restaurant in Houarah, south Nablus. Additionally, a group of settlers closed Houarah’s checkpoint and threw stones at Palestinian vehicles. In Roujeb, the people stopped settlers’ attempts to invade the village.

–       Jenin: Ya’bad, a village south of Jenin has witnessed harassment from settlers who tried to invade the village. The people of Seima village gathered at the south entrance of the village and stopped this attempt by settlers. This led to clashes between the settlers and the people that eventually ended with the settlers’ retreating.