Hadidiya – Israel tears blankets from people
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Hadidiya – Israel tears blankets from people

After the punitive demolitions on Thursday November 25 that affected some 50 people of al Hadidiya and their livestock, until today Israel is prohibiting and destroying any shelter for people or animals. Last night, the military tore away a plastic blanket people had put over their bodies to protect them from the rain. 

The policies of the Israeli military against the community of al Hadidiya are brutal, ilegal and aimed at the forced transfer of the population from their lands.  

The day after the demolitions the community started to rebuild their homes and anymal shelters. However, already the day after the military came to destroy all that had been re-built. 

On November 28, the Red Crescent brought barracks for the animals and two tents for the families to take cover. However, already on the following day Israeli military came and destroyed and confiscated as well the structures offered by the Red Crescent. 

The people and their livestock are now forced to sleep in the open fields.

On November 30, the community members of al Hadidiya have been sleeping outside in the rain but were using a plastic sheet to cover themselves and the little bit of furniture or property they have been able to rescue. At around 9pm, Israeli military showed up again and tore away the plastic sheet from over the bodies of the people. The community relates that they have been warned that they were not allowed to use plastic sheets.  

All the while the solar panels have been kept intact by the Israeli military anxious not to destroy aid projects.

In front of the dramatic escalation of cruelty and insanity of Israeli military policies, international action is urgently needed.