Elbit Systems looses second contract in 12 months in France!
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Elbit Systems looses second contract in 12 months in France!

BDS France has been able to celebrate yet another commercial failure of Elbit Systems as the French Ministry of Defense has rejected the second offer by the Israeli company in less than a year. This shows how military embargo efforts can be effective even in complicated environments such as France. Please read here the press release by BDS France.

Press release by BDS France, originally posted here.


The Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems has suffered another defeat. Its bid to sell its Skylark 1LE drones to France for the sum of 100 million euros has been rejected. This is the second defeat for Elbit Systems within the past year, as its “Watchkeeper” drone had already been rejected by France in early 2016.

The BDS campaign is delighted at the commercial failure of Elbit Systems!

This firm uses the Palestinian population as guinea pigs to test its weapons, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. It also produces White Phosphorus, the dreadful chemical weapon used against the civilian population in Gaza. It is directly participating in the construction and maintenance of the illegal wall in the West Bank, as well as contributing to infrastructure projects in the settlements.

The BDS France Campaign had strongly protested against this project.

In the framework of the international campaign for a military embargo of Israel, BDS France had for several months waged an active campaign against such a purchase by the French government: this included the despatch of thousands of postcards addressed to the President of the Republic, petitions to the Ministry of Defence, and two national days of protest. The most recent, on 10 December 2016, took place in dozens of cities around France and mobilized hundreds of activists.

We wish to thank all those who took part in this campaign, which responded to the appeal by the BNC (the Palestinian national committee for BDS) for a military embargo of Israel.

However, regardless of the chosen supplier, we can in no way celebrate the acquisition of such weapons. We know that these so-called “reconnaissance” drones are indirectly lethal, being employed to help guide deadly strikes by fighter jets.


The BDS France Campaign is more than ever determined to pursue and reinforce its campaign for a military embargo of Israel. Onward to the next stage!


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