New Unions: International Workers’ Day statement
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New Unions: International Workers’ Day statement

The first of May encompasses the best of human values: freedom, justice, equality, and peace. Human history coalesces through the blood and oppression of the workers and downtrodden who sacrificed – and still do – on the social, political, and economic stage. The liberation of human potential and labor from any form of exploitation and robbery has been one of the most prominent struggles which, throughout history, has embodied the highest universal values. Many have been martyred for the sake of these values, and the first of May is symbol of this struggle and an honor to those it has claimed.

The workers of the world mark the first of May this year in the shadow of intensity complicated political, economic, and social conditions resulting from the changes in the balance and concentration of forces, both globally and in the Arab countries. These shifts have reflected on the Palestinian cause. And still, global capital continues to dominate the abilities of the people of the world, relying on force, colonization, and discrimination to do so.

On the other hand, however, the first of May represents the symbol of the global class struggle, which continues to defend the freedom, human dignity, and rights of workers. And in Palestine, the conflict is intensifying between humane project of the Palestinian people and the racist, settler colonial project of the Israeli state and its supporters.

The Palestinian people, with the workers, the peasants, and all the oppressed constituting the overwhelming majority of those on the front lines, continue to struggle for the sake of freedom, independence, and the right of return – in short, the right to define their own fate. Despite all the frustration and despair, they continue to do so; the right to a life of dignity, free from all forms of oppression, is as lofty as it is inalienable. In order to strengthen the resolve and continue the national struggle, it is necessary to strengthen that which elevates the struggles of our people towards the realization of our national goals.

On the first of May, on International Workers’ Day, we continue our national and union struggle, beginning with strengthening the internal national front for the sake of working to end the political split and all that it has wrought on our people, especially the poor among them. We direct all energies towards continuing and deepening the confrontation with the occupier, and providing the means to support economic and social policies that provide social justice and protect the workers and the poor from unemployment, poverty, the predations of capital, and violations to their general rights and freedoms.

On the first of May, we renew our promise to you to continue our national and union struggle until we take our legitimate, human rights, our freedom, and our human dignity.

Workers of the world, workers of Palestine, unite!



Statement republished from the New Union website