In Photos: International Workers’ Day demonstration

On May 2, as part of its International Workers’ Day actions, the New Unions joined a popular march organized by the Minimum Wage Campaign. First published in the New Unions blog: The gathering began in the middle of Ramallah, at al-Manara circle. Participants from labor and farmers unions, women’s organizations, and other left and […]

New Unions: International Workers’ Day statement

The first of May encompasses the best of human values: freedom, justice, equality, and peace. Human history coalesces through the blood and oppression of the workers and downtrodden who sacrificed – and still do – on the social, political, and economic stage. The liberation of human potential and labor from any form of exploitation and robbery […]

Making Women Visible in the Labor Struggle

As part of wider project to build up women’s organizing capacity within their respective unions, the New Unions concluded a 3-day leadership training at their central office in the West Bank city of Tulkarm on March 19. Under the slogan “Making Women Visible”, 14 Palestinian women participated in a series of workshop that explored the […]


Women in Palestine, as anywhere across the globe, are subjected to and daily resisting an intricate, mutually reinforcing web of state, social, economic and domestic violence and oppression, continuously violating their rights. The burden of Israeli occupation weighs therefore on many more layers on the daily lives of Palestinian woman than their male counterparts. The […]

May 1 message by the New Unions (PFNTU)

To workers every were in this world, To all trade unions representing the workers and leading the workers struggle for their rights, In this day, the day of labour struggle and internationalism of the working class against class oppression and exploitation and all forms of racism and racial discrimination, the Palestinian New Federation of Trade […]

Boycott in a captive economy…

Koos Mohammed interviewed among others Mazen al Azzeh, an activist in the Stop the Wall Campaign from Bethlehem district, about the uphill task of building a boycott of Israeli goods in a condition of completely captive market, such as the West Bank and Gaza.  Jerusalem – The global boycott movement has gained strong momentum since […]