#KhanalAhmar: Continued protests show strength
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#KhanalAhmar: Continued protests show strength

Over 200 people gathered at Khan al Ahmar to let Israeli military know that collective struggle will defend the community from any demolitions Israel is planning. Occupation forces closed the access roads to Khan al Ahmar, nevertheless many went marching on foot to join the protest.

Please continue to mobilize to defend #KhanalAhmar:

  • Call your consulate to urge them to protest the illegal planned population transfer of the Israeli occupation and to go to Khan al Ahmar now to witness the ethnic cleansing plans!
  • Contact your members of parliament now to urge them to demand an urgent question in parliament and/or pressure government to condemn this further illegal act of systematic population transfer by the Israeli occupation forces and to impose sanctions, including a military embargo, on Israel until it respects international law and Palestinian human rights.
  • Contact your media now to ensure Israeli illegal acts against the Palestinian people are being exposed.

Please keep in mind that BDS is our most powerful tool for accountability and justice. This includes naming and shaming corporations manufacturing bulldozers complicit in Israel’s demolitions: JCB (UK), Caterpillar (US), Volvo (Sweden), Hyundai (South Korea), Hitachi (Japan) and LiuGong (China). For more see here.