Stop the Wall activists attacked by settlers in Burin
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Stop the Wall activists attacked by settlers in Burin

Last Saturday, during an attempt to protect the village of Burin from settler attacks and to support the farmers in the olive harvest season, some 50 settlers backed by the military have attacked activists and villagers. 

On Saturday some 200 volunteers from all over the West Bank came together in Burin, a village heavily targeted by Israeli confiscation policies and settler attacks to help during the olive harvest. 

Burin is located in Nablus district and under continous attack. 80 percent of Burin’s land is located in area C and under continuous attack by the Israeli military and the illegal settlers from Bracha outpost, built on the village land. Even the school and the homes are not save. 

Most of the volunteers have accompanied the farmers in the olive harvest  in the yearly effort to create a minimum of protection from settler attacks by only harvesting in sizeable groups. 

Meanwhile a smaller group of activists together with women from the village have worked to build a fencing around the homes in the outskirts of Burin. These homes have suffered repeated attacks from the settlers, making life almost impossible for the families there. 

Soon after the group started building the fencing, some 50 settlers arrived together with the Israeli military. 

From the hilltop overseeing the village, they started throwing stones at the women and the group of volunteers edging ever closer. Israeli military opened fire with tear gas canisters. 

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Finally, the settlers were able to destroy the fencing, a window of one of the homes at the outskirts of the village and a car. Five Palestinians have been injured, none of them seriously.

After sufficient havoc had been created, the military and the settlers ended their invasion and left the area.