The struggle continues: Wadi Hummus will survive!
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The struggle continues: Wadi Hummus will survive!

The second Friday in a row, people gathered in protest on the rubbles of the buildings that until two weeks ago were the homes of hundreds of Palestinian families that are to be ethnically cleansed by Israel. Across Israel's apartheid Wall more activists gathered to show unity and support for the steadfastness of the residents. Wadi Hummus will survive!

This Friday, once again some 500 Palestinians gathered among the rubbles of the homes that Israel tore down in its attempt to expel Palestinians from Jerusalem. 

They held the Friday prayers despite dozens of Israeli soldiers in full armour intimidating them. The Stop the Wall campaign joined the gathering with a small delegation to show solidarity. Many other organizations and groups did the same.

With a strong media presence documenting the event, Israeli military did not dare to disrupt the prayers.

Earlier in the morning they did, however, destroy the tent of steadfastness that the committee of the residents of Wadi Hummus has set up to guarantee an ongoing presence in the area. But by midday, the residents had already rebuilt and restored the solidarity tent.

At the other side of the Wall – the 'security' of which the homes in Wadi Hummus had according to Israeli authorities threatened – Stop the Wall had organized together with other popular committees a solidarity prayer. Yet, before the people could start the oration, Israeli soldiers started already throwing tear gas and attacking the people that had gathered.