Remaining steadfast against Israeli expulsion
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Remaining steadfast against Israeli expulsion

Read the following article published on the Morning Star, People’s Daily on March 2nd by Manal Shqair of Stop the Wall and popular activist Mahmoud Soliman. The authors shine a light on Humsa, the semi-nomadic community in the northern Jordan Valley that is facing a fierce Israeli ethnic cleansing campaign.

Shqair and Soliman discuss how the residents of Humsa are determined to resist Israeli ethnic cleansing and stay on the land against all odds. Read full article here.

During the month of February, the Israeli occupation demolished Humsa five times. The Israeli demolition campaign is a measure to ethnically cleanse the people of Humsa from their land.

The authors draw on the centrality of the land-based seminomadic lifestyle of Humsa residents in strengthening their sumud. Based on testimonies from some residents, Shqair and Soliman argue:

The Israeli onslaught on the semi-nomadic lifestyle of Humsa seeks to replace it by landless and urbanised lifestyle. Accordingly, Palestinians’ ability to live a traditional land-based semi-nomadic lifestyle is both a pre-colonial and anti-colonial phenomenon.

Read full article about Israeli manipulation of law, resistance of Humsa residents and why it should be a model to echo and preserve here: