Guardians of the mountain

Stop the Wall supports women’s cooperatives to enhance their steadfastness against settler violations and settlement expansion. Stop the Wall founded four agricultural cooperatives in Aseera Al- Qebliya and Burin in Nablus district, Kufr Thulth in Qalqilya district, and Sinjel in Ramallah district.

“You Are Not Alone”: Supporting Palestinians’ steadfastness in the harvest season

On October 14, the Stop the Wall Campaign will start this year’s “You Are Not Alone” olive harvesting campaign in cooperation with the local grassroots organizations, Al-Bed Cultural Center, Palestinian Farmers Union, Volunteer Work Association, Land Defense Coalition, Hebron Defense Committee and Jadayel Association for Culture and Arts.    Activists will be supporting farmers in the […]

Remaining steadfast against Israeli expulsion

Read the following article published on the Morning Star, People’s Daily on March 2nd by Manal Shqair of Stop the Wall and popular activist Mahmoud Soliman. The authors shine a light on Humsa, the semi-nomadic community in the northern Jordan Valley that is facing a fierce Israeli ethnic cleansing campaign. Shqair and Soliman discuss how […]

Stop the Wall Highlights 2020

Content Our top 10 highlights in less than a minute Stop the Wall on the ground Protesting ongoing annexation… Decolonizing our land Right to Exist Campaign ‘You Are not Alone’ Campaign Palestine Cop26 Coalition Israeli neoliberalism vs. Palestinian steadfastness Popular COVID-19 emergency Response We will never forget: Nakba Commemoration Palestine Youth Forum A message of […]