Support the steadfastness of Masafer Yatta!
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Support the steadfastness of Masafer Yatta!

As Israel’s most openly racist and brutal government rapidly advances the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, the residents of Masafer Yatta, South Hebron Hills, are facing the intensification of Israel’s attempt to enact its largest mass scale ethnic cleansing since 1968. Over 1300 people are threatened to loose their homes. Homes, schools and other infrastructure is being demolished as people are under constant attack by soldiers and settlers.

Still they are determined to resist!

As demolitions accelerate, some already resorted to living in the caves in the area. Others are preparing for the worst. As Abu Mahmoud from the Sfai community in Masafer Yatta puts it:

“They can demolish our houses, schools and clinics but they can’t destroy these caves nor our determination to keep steadfast until we have achieved justice and freedom.”

As part of the #DefendMasaferYatta campaign, Stop The Wall has partnered with the Middle East Children Alliance to renovate these caves.

Help us now to restore these caves and transform them into livable environments.

Apartheid Israel’s settler-colonial project to clear Palestinian lands from its Indigenous residents has been ongoing since 75 years. Massafer Yatta is in the crosshairs of Israeli ethnic cleansing since 1979, when large parts of the area were declared ‘firing zones’ for the Israeli military in order to reserve these lands for settlement expansion. Since last May, Israel’s supreme court has given the green light to finalize the ethnic cleansing.

At the start of the year, Israeli authorities communicated that the destruction of a dozen villages is imminent. Since then, the over 1000 people living in the area are facing almost daily military incursions, settler attacks, destruction of their land, intimidation and almost complete isolation from the rest of the world. The destruction of schools and harassment of children and teachers is being weaponised to weaken Palestinian steadfastness.

Join us in defending Masafer Yatta from apartheid and settler colonialism today.

Your support to Palestinian steadfastness now is crucial … yet it isn’t the solution.

Only once international complicity with Israeli settler-colonialism and apartheid ends, will Palestinians be able to achieve the freedom, justice and equality they are entitled to.

After you you donated, please don’t forget to share this appeal as widely as possible and to join your local campaigns to pressure governments to hold Israel accountable and to strengthen the BDS movement.