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Movimientos de favelas, periféricos, negros e indígenas de Sudamérica visitan a Palestina

Siete delegades de movimientos negros, indígenas y barrios marginales de Brasil, Colombia y Ecuador llegaron a Palestina para conocer la realidad del apartheid, colonialismo y ocupación militar israelí. Por una semana, la delegación se encontraron con comunidades palestinas en lucha, compartiendo experiencias de organización y movilización. Entre los movimientos representados en la delegación están el […]

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South American Black and Indigenous movements visit in Palestine 

Seven delegates from Black, Indigenous and Favela movements from Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador visited Palestine to learn about the reality of Israeli apartheid, settler-colonialism and military occupation. For a week they have met with Palestinian communities in struggle and share experiences of organizing and mobilizing. The movements represented in the delegation include the United Black […]

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Educators of Masafer Yatta about schools under threat of demolition 

Israeli denial of Palestinians’ right to education in Masafer Yatta is a central element of its efforts to ethnically cleanse Palestinian communities from their land. For years and despite Israeli restrictions on Palestinian construction in the area, Palestinians have been determined to defend their right to education by building schools in various communities in Masafer […]

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“We all collectively decided that the Nakba can’t continue any longer”

“The youth in this camp [Burj El-Barajneh] know nothing but Palestine, though they have never seen it. They know nothing but the loss of Palestine” Amina Al-Ashqar a Palestinian refugee in Burj Al-Barajneh refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon explains the relationship between Palestinian refugees and their pillaged home. Today, Palestinians are marking the anniversary of […]

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Khader Adnan’s last victory 

“The Israeli judge and prosecutor threatened him in court saying ‘You won over us 5 times, this will not happen this time.’” Randa Musa, Khader Adnan’s wife, recalled on the day of his death, after 86 days of hunger strike.  And yet he did win one last time.  Khader Adnan is an ex-political prisoner freed […]