The West Bank faces the future of the #OngoingNakba.

For Palestinians, the expansion of Israeli settlement of their land through a process of violence, suffering, and ethnic cleansing is part of their ongoing Nakba – the catastrophe that has been befalling them since the creation of Israel in 1948.   In the West Bank, Palestinians are experiencing the #OngoingNakba daily, it comes in many forms […]

Guardians of the mountain

Stop the Wall supports women’s cooperatives to enhance their steadfastness against settler violations and settlement expansion. Stop the Wall founded four agricultural cooperatives in Aseera Al- Qebliya and Burin in Nablus district, Kufr Thulth in Qalqilya district, and Sinjel in Ramallah district.

#PalestineIntifada: Youth rattling Israeli apartheid

What first began as a daily protest in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem against Israeli imminent ethnic cleansing of six Palestinian families there and Ramadan protests at Damascus Gate and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem spontaneously spread to the rest of Historic Palestine and has grown to become a massive uprising. This is not a popular […]

#SaveHumsa: Steadfast we call for solidarity

From the Bedouin community of Humsa, representatives of popular committees across the West Bank have sent a call to rights and solidarity groups around the world. They urge more pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop the imminent ethnic cleansing of Humsa. Yesterday, representatives of the Stop the Wall Campaign and popular committees from across […]