Solidarity continues to target EU funding for Israeli military and security sector

The EU continues to fund Israeli companies and institutions that are directly involved in the maintenance of the Israeli regime of apartheid, colonialism and occupation. ECCP has worked on new research, Stop the Wall prepared new resources, a new campaign targets a shocking EU funded project aimed at unifying methodology of interrogation between Israeli police […]

International Trade Union Solidarity

For Resistance, Dignity, and a Better Life Trade Unions are an important part of the civil resistance against the Israeli occupation of Palestine and international solidarity is a crucial part of it.  Israeli control Palestine suffers from Israeli restrictions on production, transport, and export and unemployment is a major problem.   Textile workers in a […]

Solidarity from the South: The World Social Forum declares its support to BDS and to the Palestinian people

In January, the Brazilian cities of Porto Alegre and Canoas received the Thematic Social Forum whose theme chosen was “Capitalist Crisis, Democracy, Social and Environmental Justice". The event, an icon of the altermundism and of the anti-neoliberal, anti-colonialist and anti – imperialist struggle, is a space for global civil society to organize itself and to […]

Palestinian NGO statement on the World Bank-sponsored Red-Dead Sea Canal

  The undersigned Palestinian NGOs call on the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to halt all forms of cooperation with the World Bank-sponsored Red Sea – Dead Sea Conveyance Project (RSDSCP) and to take an unequivocal public stance of rejection to the project. It has become clear beyond doubt that the project […]

Press Statement : South African Officials Must Reject Israeli Blood Diamonds

  South African Officials Must Reject Israeli Blood Diamonds and Secure Jobs in Diamond Beneficiation    South African civil society and organised labour call on South African officials to show leadership by demanding change to the shamefully discredited “Kimberley Process Certification Scheme” which facilitates trade in diamonds that fund gross human rights violations by rogue […]