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Sumoud is since 7 of March in Israeli jails, without accusation nor trial in administrative detention. 

The story of Sumoud Amter, a dynamic activist with Stop the Wall, omnipresent in the daily organizing of the Palestinian youth movement, is paradigmatic for the escalation of repression that Israeli apartheid has been unleashing against the Palestinian people in the West Bank since the Gaza genocide began … 

While we are all focused on fighting to end the horrific genocide in Gaza, Israel is killing, imprisoning, torturing, dispossessing, and displacing our people also in the West Bank. 

What can you do?

Today, the entire world must stand up to the injustices Palestinians are facing everywhere, especially as the genocide of Gazans continues.
Sumoud has the right to live her grief for her martyred sister outside the prison walls, and she has the right to mourn the loss of her sister in the arms of her family and cry for her. Sumoud has the right not to be unjustly imprisoned. Sumoud has the right to return to her warm home, her clean clothes, her caring family, and her loving friends.
This injustice must not continue. Sumoud must be released immediately.

End the #GazaGenocide #FreeThemAll #DismantleIsraeliApartheid 

Israel’s actions in the West Bank since 7 October 2023 are intrinsically connected to Israel’s actions in Gaza. While Israel is intent to fully destroy the Palestinians people in Gaza, this genocide forms part of Israel’s intent to eliminate the entire Palestinian people from their land, annihilate their memory and destroy their future.
The Israeli military has arrested over 6500 Palestinians in the West Bank since October 7, carrying out mass arrests and dramatically deteriorating the already terrible conditions in its apartheid jails.

The Context

Israel’s Systematic Arrests Intensify in Palestine – Post-October 7, 2023

“Since October 7 up until January 23, 2024, the number of Palestinians detained by the Israeli occupation has only increased with the total number of arrest campaigns exceeding 6220. The majority of arrests came from the Hebron governorate. with the number surpassing 1000 arrests. The arrest campaigns do not discriminate as they consist of women, children, elderly, journalists, and University students alike.”

Thousands of Gaza Detainees Facing Torture and Ill-treatment in Israeli Prisons

Israeli forces have detained at least 3,000 Palestinian residents of Gaza, including women, children, elderly people, as well as professionals such as doctors, nurses, teachers and journalists.

“The evidence and testimonies gathered by our lawyer reveal a level of reprisals and torture that lacks any semblance of humanity.”

Women under Apartheid

Palestinian women have played a key role within the Palestinian struggle for liberation, since its inception. Read more about it:

Education under Apartheid

The “logic of elimination” is a central element of settler colonial societies across the world, including Israel, and ranges from the genocidal elimination of the people like we witness it in Gaza, to a plethora of strategies to destructure, fragment, and debilitate the indigenous society. They aim to ensure that the next generation will no longer resist dispossession and oppression, and abandon claims to their rights. The denial of the right to education is hence an essential part of Israel’s attack on the Palestinian people. 

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Who is Sumoud?

Sumoud was born on 20/02/1992 in Dura, Hebron, to a family, known for their role in the Palestinian liberation struggle. She grew up witnessing the members of her family constantly being arrested and harassed by the Israeli army to silence them.
Sumoud’s father was respected for his advice, generosity, and principled political positions and championed the role of women in society and politics. He educated his own daughters to become active in the struggle.
From a young age, she was active and a hugely effective organizer. During her school years, she already traveled with the Palestinian Women’s Committees to many countries and was educated, learned, and read a lot.
Sumoud went on to study at Hebron University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media in 2013. She had a prominent role in the university’s student movement.

Sumoud’s activism…

Sumoud always chose to work where she could change the world and make her voice heard. Sumoud’s love for her homeland has pushed her also to learn how to farm and work the land. 
Today, she is active with the Stop the Wall Campaign, where she manages programs and coordinates projects.
Sumoud has always been present in all national events and is always the first to volunteer to organize and support. 
Sumoud hates injustice and despises oppression. A true defender of the country and its people, a fierce supporter of women’s rights, a supporter of our prisoners and their families, and the families of those killed by the Israeli apartheid forces.
She traveled widely to bring the Palestinian cause to the world and help build solidarity and has been invited to conferences in Turkey, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Austria, Czech Republic, and Portugal.
All this and more made her a role model for many, including her little sister Ahed.

Then the Gaza genocide started …

Since the beginning of the genocide in Gaza, young activists, including Sumoud, have been organizing nonviolent protests and actions in support of the steadfast people of Gaza, the prisoners and their families, and against all those complicit in the genocide. 
This active human rights defense made them a target for arrests by the Israeli apartheid forces and even by the Palestinian Authority. 
Some of Sumoud’s close friends, including lawyers and journalists, were arrested. As usual despite her pain, the loss and repression did not and will not break Sumoud.

Who is Ahed?

Ahed, Sumoud’s little sister was murdered two days before her twentieth birthday, on January 15 2024.
She was the mother of Ayloul, who was just 6 months old at the time. 
An Israeli sniper killed Ahed with a bullet in her head while she was standing on the roof of her own house. 
Anyone who knew Ahed could see that Ahed acquired many qualities from Sumoud and bragged about it.
Ahed’s assassination was heartbreaking for Ahed’s acquaintances and strangers alike. Yet, it did not break Sumoud but rather made her more persistent and determined to confront the despicable Israeli settler-colonial regime.

Sumoud’s arrest …

At dawn on March 7 2024, Sumoud was arrested from her home.
Sumoud was taken to the Ofer prison interrogation center, and soon after sentenced to 3 months of administrative imprisonment, without any charges and without trial.
Today, Sumoud, like thousands of other detainees, is being held in dehumanizing conditions, without adequate food, clothing, or even personal hygiene items.


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