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Resisting Israeli apartheid, Humsa residents remain on their village remains

Yesterday, tens of armed Israeli soldiers raided the Bedouin community of Humsa, Northern Jordan Valley. This raid has been part of a series of violent raids committed since the beginning of 2021 and even before. In previous raids the entire community was razed to the ground four times in three months. The Israeli occupation seeks […]

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Stop the Wall Highlights 2020

Content Our top 10 highlights in less than a minute Stop the Wall on the ground Protesting ongoing annexation… Decolonizing our land Right to Exist Campaign ‘You Are not Alone’ Campaign Palestine Cop26 Coalition Israeli neoliberalism vs. Palestinian steadfastness Popular COVID-19 emergency Response We will never forget: Nakba Commemoration Palestine Youth Forum A message of […]

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#FreeAbuJamal: Israel’s desperate attempt to break Palestinian steadfastness

At dawn, 2 AM of Friday January 8, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have arrested Palestinian farmer Khaled Daraghmeh (Abu Jamal). Tens of armed Israeli soldiers raided the house of Abu Jamal located in the village of al-Luban al-Sharqiya, south of Nablus. The Israeli soldiers aggressively attacked Abu Jamal’s wife while she was trying to […]

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New Unions: We demand justice for killing of Palestinian worker

Israeli settlers torture and beat to death a Palestinian worker in his place of work in the illegal Israeli settlement of Gilo. The body of Abdulfatah Obayat was found in a building in Gilo last Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 2020. The Palestinian New Federation of Trade Unions consider this brutal murder one of the starkest forms of brutality Palestinian workers in Israeli business are subject to. We call on the International Labor Organization, International Trade Union Confederation and trade unions to hold Israel and its corporations accountable for its crimes against the Palestinian workers.

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2020 Overview of the Olive Harvest in Palestine

The “You Are Not Alone” campaign – the collective efforts and the voluntary work to support the Palestinian farmers through the olive harvesting season – has once again provided essential support to the Palestinian farmers and continues to be the first backbone of the Palestinian farmers in front of the attacks of Israeli settlers and soldiers during the olive harvesting season.