Palestinians Under the New Israeli “Disengagement Plan'”

This fact sheet documents the appalling plan for Palestine that is shaping up behind Israeli slogans of "disengagements," a comprehensive scheme for colonial domination and conquest based on racial discrimination. It highlights the ways in which four main construction projects—the building of new settlements and the expansion of existing settlements; the construction of more settlers-only […]

Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign Fact Sheet: Apartheid in Palestine—Definition, History up to the Wall, and Tool for Mobilization

This fact sheet highlights the meaning of the term “Apartheid”, its different oppressive apparatus, and how Apartheid continues to take place in Palestine from its roots in a colonialist and racist project to today’s Apartheid Wall. The fact sheet looks at the policies of suppression, segregation, labour exploitation, expulsion, land control, humiliation and murder enacted […]

Fact Sheet: The Apartheid Wall (Updated 1/1/04)

The Wall: Land Theft and Forced Expulsion The Wall is not being built on, or in most cases near the 1967 Green Line, but rather cuts deep into the West Bank, expanding Israel's theft of Palestinian land and resources. When completed, the Wall will de facto annex some 50% of the West Bank, isolating communities […]

Fact Sheet:The Wall’s “First Phase”

At the end of July 2003, just over a year after beginning construction, the Israeli military announced the completion of the Wall's "first phase", which runs 145 km through the northern West Bank districts of Jenin, Tulkarem, and Qalqiliya. Though "completion" has been declared, the reality is strikingly different; the destruction of land and the […]