Demolitions in the Jordan valley: Steadfastness in the face of destruction
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Demolitions in the Jordan valley: Steadfastness in the face of destruction

Occupation forces today went on a spree of demolitions in the Jordan Valley, destroying four homes and two water tanks in Bardala, Sahel Libqeya, Frush Beit Dajan and Jiftlik.

The photographs taken at the scene today, below, vividly illustrate how the Occupation is attacking Palestinian lives and land.

The images of Palestinians continuing to build homes and schools show the resistance and resilience of the Palestinian people in defiance of the wreckers.

The Israeli policies of ethnic cleansing will not succeed. The Palestinian people will continue to resist on their land.

Photo story

The wrecking crew began working in the morning in the village of Bardala, in the north of the Jordan Valley, where they destroyed a water tank.



The systematic destruction of Palestinian water infrastructure in the hot and dry summers in the Jordan Valley is part of the Occupation’s policy to force the people to leave the Valley and to substitute them with Jewish settlers.

The Occupation forces then headed south towards the Sahel Libqeya area, where the threatened villages of al Hadidiya and Humsa are located, and demolished two homes.

They then drove to Frush Beit-Dajan where another water tank was reduced destroyed.


Finally, they moved to the north to Jiftlik, where they demolished one Palestinian home and hoisted another onto a truck before driving it away.





But still Palestinians continue to build in the Jordan Valley