The Fifth Week Against the Apartheid Wall
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The Fifth Week Against the Apartheid Wall

The Call for the Fifth Week Against the Apartheid Wall has been issued by the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and its popular committees. It marks 60 years of our dispossession and our human quest for liberation.

We call on the world to take action from November 9 – 16 to raise awareness of the global silence and complicity with the occupation of our land and ethnic cleansing of our people and to join the movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions.

All over the world, those wishing to show their solidarity with the Palestinian can organise demonstrations and solidarity actions. Take action to bring the fifth Week Against the Apartheid Wall to your city.

New resources from Stop the Wall

Agrexco – harvesting the fruits of the occupation: new fact sheet exposing the war against Palestinian farmers by the Occupation’s main agricultural exporter in 2007

Exporting occupation – the Israeli arms trade: Burma, Zimbabwe, Colombia – just three of the oppressive regimes supported by the Israeli Occupation. This fact sheet details the links, and alarming new developments for Israel’s nuclear weapons capacity in 2007.

Apartheid in Palestine – extensive PowerPoint presentation to download and use, illustrating the racist separation and expulsion perpetrated by the Occupation all over Palestine. (For SWF format, press here.)

No to Israel in the OECD!
Israel has started the process of accession to the OECD – see our briefing on the accession process, and how to stop it.

Free Jerusalem – Stop Veolia’s Apartheid Tram!

Join the campaign against Veolia’s support to the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem. Demand the immediate cessation of the involvement of French companies Alstom and Veolia in the expansion of settlement infrastructure around Jerusalem. The companies will be responsible for operation and maintenance for the next 30 years.

Boycott Apartheid Israel
See the information on the boycott of Apartheid Israel for information about the gathering movement to isolate the apartheid state through boycott, divestment and sanctions.