Nakba @74: 2 new videos to #EndEthnicCleansing
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Nakba @74: 2 new videos to #EndEthnicCleansing

On this 74th anniversary of the start of the Nakba, the Palestinian people continue rising up against Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing. Hear from four Palestinian activists resisting until liberation, and then take action!

The Nakba is happening now.

Israel’s colonial regime violently forced 750,000 native Palestinians off their land in 1948. It has continued ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people every day since.

Israeli apartheid continues to exert its racist control and dominance against the entire Palestinian people, be it by continuing to deny refugees the right of return or expelling others from their land.

The brutal killing of Shireen Abu Aqleh has proven once again to what length the Israeli regime is prepared to go to suppress the Palestinian voices that tell this truth.

Today more than ever, let’s listen to and make Palestinian voices heard.

#EndEthnicCleansing #EndIsraeliApartheid

Watch/Share the call for action by Ali Awad from #SaveMasaferYatta, where Israel plans the largest expulsion since the ’70s.

On May 4, the Israeli High Court ruled in favour of the ethnic cleansing of some 1,300 Palestinians living in twelve villages in the area of Masafer Yatta. This would be the largest expulsions carried out by the Israeli apartheid regime since the 1970s.

The Nakba continues…. At the beginning of the 1980, Israel declared 3000 ha of the 3600 ha that make up Masafer Yatta as military Firing Zone 918.

Over 40 years later, this serves as a pretext to forcibly expel the Palestinian population. Help us to defend Masafer Yatta and end the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.