New Report: The Palestinian Periphery (pdf and ebook)
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New Report: The Palestinian Periphery (pdf and ebook)

The Palestinian Periphery shows the multifaceted methods of Israeli policies of ethnic cleansing and their impacts on our struggle, demonstrating that the people in what has become the ‘periphery’ are neither weak nor have they been historically marginalised. In fact, they have been pushed by Israel into isolation and are resisting under constant attack.

This report points at the forms of resistance – from the politics of delay to the politics of liberation – that the communities have adopted. Far from being helpless victims, they are the stronghold in our daily resistance. But time is running out for these communities.
Unfortunately, the international community and the Palestinian National Authority have acquiesed to the status quo of Israeli created bantustans while the ‘rest’, the communities in area C,have been turned into dispensable ‘peripheries’ at the mercy of Israeli expulsion.
With this effort we try to explain to ourselves and to people around the world these strategies of power and of resistance and we launch an urgent appeal to the Palestinian leadership and to the international community to change policies before it is too late.





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