Ni’lin: Weekly protest against the Wall
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Ni’lin: Weekly protest against the Wall

In Ni'lin, where 300 Palestinians and international supporters gathered to march in protest against the Apartheid Wall, snipers were deployed in an under-construction building and armed soldiers in the fields and streets. Occupation forces fired excessive rounds of tear gas and young men and boys responded by throwing stones. More tear gas and live ammunition followed, ultimately preventing the march from taking place.

Seven people were injured, including Mustafa 'Amira, who was shot at close range by a tear gas canister in the back of his head, and another man who was shot in the leg with a lead bullet. Both were rushed to a Ramallah hospital, where after surgery Mustafa 'Amira condition was stabilized.

During the demonstration, soldiers also beat and arrested Muhanid Ahmed Khawajeh. An eyewitness reported that soldiers continued to beat Khawajeh after he had been detained. He is still in prison, joining the remaining two prisoners from al-Ma’sara.

Watch (and download) the video on Vimeo, here.