Occupation Forces Construct Military Camp on Jayyus Lands
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Occupation Forces Construct Military Camp on Jayyus Lands

Large numbers of Occupation Forces and settlers recently invaded the lands isolated behind the Apartheid Wall in Jayyus, and on a hill which is located on Jayyus lands close to the Wall on the western side, have now established a military “camp.” Occupation forces together with the settlers have installed a number of tents and have reinforced them with concrete blocks. In addition, they have also started opening new roads in the lands with signs labeled with the names of previous Occupation leaders as well as the names of alcoholic drinks, which hold certain military meanings. The paths and signs extend from Jayyus lands to the neighboring village of Falamya, where these signs are installed at road junctions. Further, settlers have been organizing speeches calling for the construction of new settlements on these lands, while Occupation soldiers carry out surveys and put up the different signs.